The Importance of Professional Bee Removal for Commercial Properties in Cambridge

The Importance of Professional Bee Removal for Commercial Properties in Cambridge

Bees present a significant liability to businesses across Cambridge. Quick bee removal in Cambridge is necessary to avoid business interruptions and consumer or staff injuries. While property owners may know the importance of removal, they may not understand the most effective methods for removal. Professional identification and removal are essential to protecting commercial spaces and removing overhead liability.

The Importance of Professional Bee Removal in Cambridge

Professional pest control services take the risks out of pest treatments and removal methods. The services are experts in identification and safety, limiting commercial risks.

1. Identification

The general public dislikes seeing bees around retailers, restaurants, or other commercial properties. Unfortunately, bees are a natural part of the ecosystem and will appear from time to time, especially near gardens.

Foraging bees do not necessarily equate to a bee problem. Bees can travel up to two miles from their hive in search of food. Therefore, all it means when you see bees around your property is that a hive is somewhere within a two-mile vicinity and you have a food source on your property.

The best bee control method for foraging populations is to design landscaping that doesn’t attract bees. Some plantings to consider are marigolds, geraniums, or leafy, non-pollinating plants.

Professional bee removal in Cambridge can help business owners identify a real problem. They will inspect the property for hives or to locate areas where bees appear to be entering and exiting the building.

While property owners may look for potential hive activity, leaving the search to professionals is best. Bees will aggressively defend their nest.

2. Safety

If you ever experienced a bee sting, you know it is unpleasant. The sting includes venom that causes irritation and a welt. Some people are allergic to bee stings and require immediate medical attention following an incident.

A single sting from a stray or foraging bee is one thing, by multiple stings from an angry hive is something else entirely. Even people who are not allergic can have a toxic reaction to the accumulation of venom from several stings.

Swarming bees typically occur when the hive is under threat. Anyone getting too close to a hive is perceived as a threat.
Some bee species, such as Africanized honeybees, are more likely to swarm than others. Still, the increased danger means contacting bee removal in Cambridge is even more important.

Professionals have the correct tools and techniques to remove hives safely. They wear protective gear and move with slow, deliberate action.

The Inefficiency of DIY Bee Removal

Professional bee removal near me is the only way to handle bees safely. While some property owners may want to deal with a hive in a DIY fashion, it is a mistake. Not only is it dangerous to handle bees on your own, but Canada also has laws in place to protect bees. Also, if DIYers fail to remove or deal with the queen, the bees will only repopulate and return.

Professional bee removal is the only way to keep yourself, your employees, and your customers safe from bee stings. Also, professional removal will leave you with the confidence that the hive is no longer causing potential damage to your building.

Professional Bee Removal in Cambridge

Professional bee removal in Cambridge is the safest and most effective approach to bee control. The pros can identify genuine threats, ensure safety, and guarantee removal. If your commercial property is receiving complaints of bee activity, contact Truly Nolen Canada to discuss treatment options and schedule a property assessment. The company will send a team of qualified technicians to inspect the property and determine the hive location.