Tips for Identifying Bed Bugs in Your Cambridge Home

Tips for Identifying Bed Bugs in Your Cambridge Home

If you’re worried that you’ve got a bed bug infestation at your Cambridge home, there’s no need to panic. By acting quickly, you’ll have the situation under control before it causes too much trouble. Here’s how to tell if these pesky pests have invaded your home, as well as how to get rid of bed bugs the right way by immediately calling in a top pest control professional, particularly one that specializes in bed bug control in Cambridge.

Learning About Bed Bugs

To best identify and eliminate an infestation, it’s wise to know a bit about bed bug behaviour. Understanding their breeding and feeding habits, along with their ability to easily travel from one place to another, underscores the importance of tackling a bed bug problem rapidly and effectively.

Bed bugs usually get into your home by latching onto clothing, bags, or other personal items. With each bug living up to 12 months and the average female laying more than 200 eggs in her lifetime, you don’t need to be a math whiz to see how a handful of hitchhikers soon multiplies into a major invasion.

Although bed bugs can go several weeks between feedings, having easy access to their preferred human- and pet-provided meals are the main reason they tend to live in occupied houses. Couple that with comfortable indoor temperatures and conditions, and bed bugs have everything they need in your home to multiply and thrive.

Where Bed Bugs Hide

Once in your home, bed bugs typically stick close to areas that are optimal for feeding and breeding. As their name implies, mattresses, bed frames, and box springs are some of their favourite spots in which to nest, as it’s a sure bet their human hosts will pay at least a nightly visit.

Unfortunately, bed bugs also congregate in a variety of other household areas. At roughly the size of an apple seed, they easily burrow into chairs and sofas, hide behind wallpaper, disappear amongst floor clutter, and even sneak into shoes. From electrical outlets to lampshades, virtually any place in your home might host these crafty critters.

Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation

Because of their diminutive size, bed bugs aren’t easy to see with the naked eye. Instead, telltale signs are often the first clue that you’ve got an infestation.

If you find small, itchy, clustered bites on skin that’s exposed during your sleep, it’s possible that bed bugs are to blame. You may also spot reddish stains or dark spots on your sheets caused by blood and bug droppings. Eagle-eyed pest hunters might also see the remnants of skin that have been shed as bed bugs moult and grow after feedings. Once you notice any of these signals, don’t delay in bringing in an insect control expert to eradicate the problem before it gets worse.

Call Truly Nolen To Get Rid of Bed Bugs Today!

Once you suspect you’ve got bed bugs in your home, don’t try to take care of the problem yourself. Without in-depth knowledge of the best treatments for your specific situation, you risk choosing ineffective, or potentially harmful, methods that only end up prolonging your infestation. Contacting an expert in home pest control is the smartest way to permanently rid your home of bothersome bed bugs.

The good news is, you can begin and end your search for “bed bug control near me” with Truly Nolen. A member of our Cambridge team will thoroughly inspect your home, assess current and potential issues, and provide a plan of action to eradicate your current infestation and prevent problems year-round. Schedule your inspection today, and let Truly Nolen get rid of your bed bugs safely and effectively!