Top Hiding Spots for Rats in Cambridge Homes

Top Hiding Spots for Rats in Cambridge Homes

Even if you’ve never caught sight of a rat in your house, that doesn’t mean you should let your guard down. These crafty vermin are skilled at keeping themselves hidden in order to gain and maintain access to the food, shelter, and warmth your home provides.

The best starting point for effective rat control in Cambridge is knowing where to look for signs of an infestation. Here’s where they might be hiding in your home, along with tips for finding the best rat removal service near you to get rid of these pervasive pests.

Cupboards and Pantry

Food smells attract rats and other pests to your home, so any area in which you keep edible items is vulnerable to invasion. That makes your pantry and kitchen cupboards the ideal spots for rats to hide out. The plastic and cardboard packaging of most store-bought grocery items won’t stand up to a persistent rodent, so if you discover unexplained holes in boxes and bags it could mean a rat’s been gnawing into your rations.

Other Kitchen Nooks and Crannies

When you read up on rat habits, you learn they often invade where they have easy access to food and feel safe. So while food storage areas are obvious attractors, you should also pay attention to quiet corners of your kitchen.

Inspect rarely used cupboards and even the soffits above your cabinets for infestation evidence, and be sure to give a look anywhere crumbs might accumulate. Visible droppings or scratch marks are sure clues, but also check dark recesses for urine odours and listen for scurrying or scraping sounds. If you find these signs, you may need rat control in Cambridge.

Closed-Off Spaces

The less frequently an area of your home is disturbed, the more appealing it is for rodents. That’s why low-traffic spaces like closets, attics, and basements are some of the top hiding spots for rats who’ve moved into your house. Keep in mind that if you store extra food in your cellar, it’s imperative to check this room more frequently for indications of rat activity. The combination of easy meal access and isolation is too good for opportunistic rodents to pass up.

Stored Boxes and Furnishings

Items like trunks, storage boxes, and even old furniture kept in closed-off spaces, sheds, or garages also provide safe havens for rats. While you may suspect you’ve got a moth problem when you find holes in chair or sofa fabrics, it’s possible that rodents have chewed through and built a nest inside the cushioning. Essentially, any stationary item that sits unattended makes an ideal home for rodents.

Outdoor Spaces

Unfortunately, there are lots of areas outside your home that also attract rats to your property. Any spot in your yard that provides food and protection is perfect for rat residency. Check for nests or burrows in and around storage units, wood piles, planter boxes, and even dense shrubbery and bushes, and always keep an eye out for telltale droppings and tracks around your landscaping.

Get Effective Rat Control in Cambridge With Truly Nolen

Now that you’ve gotten a bead on where to check for hidden rats in your home, you need to know what to do once you suspect an infestation. For excellent service and results, begin and end your search for the best “rat control near me” with Truly Nolen.

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