6 Places Spiders May Be Hiding in Your Georgetown Home

6 Places Spiders May Be Hiding in Your Georgetown Home

It’s a little unnerving to think about, but it’s likely you’re sharing your home with some uninvited eight-legged guests. Although many spiders provide beneficial services like keeping the population of disease-spreading bugs in check, they’re a nuisance when they move indoors.

While most spiders aren’t dangerous to cohabitate with, their webs are tough to clean up and they may contaminate food supplies. If you worry that these creatures have taken up residence in your home, reach out to us at Truly Nolen for effective pest control in Georgetown. In the meantime, here’s where to look for these unwelcome guests.

1. In Your Storage Shed

While having a shed on your property is ideal for storing gardening and home repair supplies, it also provides a cozy living space for spiders. It’s all too easy to inadvertently bring them into your home along with any objects you retrieve from your shed, and they may even hitch a ride on your clothing or shoes.

2. In Your Garage

Spiders prefer cool, dark, sheltered spaces, which describes your garage to a t. The fact that these are typically low-traffic areas increases the likelihood of spiders settling in. Anything you store in your garage and then bring into the house may carry spiders, and the arachnids themselves often choose to head for the warmer rooms of your home once chilly weather arrives.

3. Beneath Your Furniture

Given their penchant for dim, quiet places, it’s no surprise to learn that spiders often choose the spaces beneath tables, chairs, and couches in which to spin their webs. Because these spots are relatively undisturbed, they provide perfect secret hideaways in which spiders feel secure.

4. Around Your Doors

If you only had to look down low beneath furniture to spot spiders, it might be an easy task, but the upper corners of door frames also make popular homes for these critters. With their proximity to outdoor spaces, your front, garage, and patio doors serve as not just a point of entry for spiders but also an ideal spot to set up residence. Interior doors that aren’t used frequently are appealing, as well.

5. Amongst Clutter

Whether it’s in your garage or shed or piled up in a corner of a room, a mound of clutter is highly appealing to arachnids. Again, dark and undisturbed spots make ideal homes for spiders, so every cluster of unused items around your house serves as an invitation for them to move in and stay awhile.

6. In Well-Lit Areas

With so much talk about their preference for dark and isolated spaces, it might surprise you to learn that brightly lit rooms have their own attraction for spiders. If you notice other bugs being drawn to your lamps and lights, it’s a safe bet that predatory spiders will follow. There aren’t many creatures that can resist the allure of an easy meal, so anything that attracts prey is sure to catch the attention of a hungry spider or two.

When You Spot Spiders, Call Truly Nolen

Now that you know where to look for spiders around your home, chances are you’ll discover that at least a few of these critters have moved in. Whether the infestation has just begun or has already gotten out of hand, get in touch with one of Truly Nolen’s experienced spider removal professionals right away.

With decades of providing high-quality pest control services under our belts, our Truly Nolen team is top when it comes to effectively and efficiently protecting your home from all sorts of invading pests. Give us a call today, and in no time at all, you’ll be back to living pest-free in your Georgetown home.