Guelph Pest Control: 5 Obvious Signs You Have a Bird Infestation

Guelph Pest Control: 5 Obvious Signs You Have a Bird Infestation

Many people enjoy watching and listening to birds outside of their homes and put up bird feeders in order to attract different species. However, there is a fine line between having birds that come around to visit and having a full-on bird infestation. Here are five of the most obvious signs that you have a bird infestation in and around your home, and why you should call bird control in Guelph.

1. You Observe Noticeable Damage to Property Caused by Lack of Bird Control in Guelph

Most pests cause at least some damage to property, whether by chewing through wood or leaving behind droppings in the case of rodents. The majority of the property disturbances that birds cause arise from their desire to build a nest in a safe location. Some of the types of damage that you might notice include:

  • Corrosion of painted wood, metal and stone caused by the acidic nature of bird droppings
  • Anomalies in the roof after a bird attempts to build a nest in the elevated location
  • Removal of house insulation, as birds tend to take this material to build their nests

If you notice damage similar to any of these things, it may be time to contact bird control services near me to eliminate the need for further property cleaning and repair.

2. You See Large Gatherings of Birds in Your Area

There is usually a reason why birds want to congregate in the area around your house. Birds look for sources of food, water and a place to build a nest. The following, for example, may cause birds to congregate in your area:

  • A garden with plenty of insects
  • Numerous dark hiding spots are ideal for a nest
  • Food scraps in an outdoor garbage can

If all else fails when it comes to prevention, noticing a large number of birds on your property may mean that you need to contact a professional for advice on how to get rid of birds. As always, it is best to leave the job of eliminating birds from your home to a professional, since birds can carry diseases like any other pest.

3. You Hear Bird Noises

While some bird noises can be enjoyable, excessive noise can be a sign of an infestation. Listen for birds that sound as if they are in distress, rather than birds that are simply chirping because they are enjoying their day. Birds often make noise during the day, when they have the most energy for mating and nest building.

4. You Smell Foul Odours

Most people do not regard birds as creatures who smell since they are small in size and are generally not unwilling to take a bath in fresh water. However, when there is a large number of birds in an area, they might begin to give off a musky odour. Whether you think the culprit is birds or not, if you smell anything unusual in or around your house, it may be a good idea to call a pest control service.

5. You See Bird Nesting Materials

Since the main reason why most birds invade property is the need to nest, seeing nesting materials is an obvious sign of an infestation. Birds use items such as twigs, moss leaves and their own feathers to build nests, so keep an eye out for these things if you suspect a bird infestation.

Who To Contact if You Need Bird Control in Guelph?

Any of these signs of a bird infestation may mean that you need bird control in Guelph. Whether you see nesting materials, smell foul odours or other indicators, refrain from searching for how to get rid of birds yourself and hire a professional instead. Truly Nolen Canada is a great place to get started, so contact us today!