Guelph Pest Control: Do Mice Live Alone?

Do Mice Live Alone

If you see a single mouse scurry across the floor or catch one in a trap, it’s time to work with a pest control specialist. These pests rarely travel alone, so you likely have a few other mice in your walls, basement or living near your home. Discover why multiple mice are a problem and how Truly Nolen Pest Control offers reliable mice removal in Guelph.

Why Mice Are Typically Found in Groups

A single mouse is a rare sight. These social animals live in groups and breed very quickly. Female mice can have a litter of up to 14 newborns every six weeks. It doesn’t take long for newborns to reach maturity, so a few mice can quickly turn into a very large family.

Don’t let a few mice move in and make way for an extended family to populate your property. Prompt removal and preventative measures are needed at the first signs of an infestation. 

One mouse may not seem like an issue, but you should treat any signs of a rodent in your house seriously. If there isn’t another mouse already living in your home, there likely will be before long.

Whether you’ve spotted a single rodent or have reason to believe there are already many hiding in your walls, attic and basement, turn to Truly Nolen Pest Control. Discover how thorough inspections and quality removal techniques can help you enjoy a rodent-free living area.

Signs of Mice in Your Home

Mice are nocturnal and hesitant around people, so it’s difficult to spot the signs of mice when they first move in. After some time, you may catch sight of one, but here are some more common signs that there’s a mouse in your house:

  • Droppings
  • Chewed food or building materials
  • Scurrying or scratching sounds
  • Musky, unpleasant odour

You don’t need to wait until you actually see a mouse to work with a local pest control specialist. These professionals have many tools and techniques for inspecting your home and looking for signs of an infestation. They can also prevent mice from entering your home by looking for small holes, crevices and other openings that are inviting entryways for persistent pests.

How Mice Damage Your Property

Once in your home, mice are harmful to your health and your property. They can be carriers of diseases, such as hantavirus and salmonella. Your health could be at risk through contact, but also due to urine, feces, saliva and nest materials.

Mice chew holes in building materials for a number of reasons. First, they often expand existing holes for a more comfortable entrance and exit. Next, they will chew materials and carry them around to build a nest in your home. Finally, because their teeth are constantly growing, mice chew on drywall, wood beams, insulation and even wiring to wear down their teeth.

Damage to your home can reduce its energy efficiency and increase the risk of a house fire. A chewed wire is a dangerous situation that can cause a spark in your wall or attic space. Even if mice choose to chew on insulation and wood instead, you’ll start to experience reduced energy efficiency in your home.

These issues often happen out of sight. Mice tend to find hidden areas to build nests, such as wall cavities, attic spaces and even crawl spaces. These hidden areas give mice plenty of opportunities to gather food, chew on materials and breed until you’re facing a significant rodent population.

Turn To Truly Nolen for Mice Removal in Guelph

Don’t let a lonely mouse fool you, but take preventative measures to remove these intruders from your property. Contact us at Truly Nolen Pest Control in Guelph for year-round inspections, prevention strategies and safe cleaning steps.