Guelph Pest Control: Protecting Your Halloween Decorations From Spiders

Guelph Pest Control Protecting Your Halloween Decorations From Spiders

Halloween is a time of year when spooky creatures like ghosts, ghouls and goblins make an appearance in the shape of Guelph home decor, but when real creepy crawlies like spiders decide to make their homes in your holiday decorations, it can frighten and upset you and your family members. Here at Truly Nolen, we can assist you with spider control in Guelph and provide you with several helpful tips that may keep spiders away for good.

1. Practice Insect Control 

Spiders are often attracted to areas where insects gather, as this is their primary source of prey. Spiders eat whatever they can manage to catch in webs or by ambush hunting, including flies, mosquitos, beetles and even wasps. While this makes spiders somewhat beneficial, they can become a nuisance when they start building webs in and around your Halloween decor.

You can discourage the presence of spiders by eliminating standing water around your home, using insect traps and repairing torn window or door screens. The fewer insects available, the better the chances spiders will look elsewhere to make webs.

2. Consider the Decor Type 

When you decorate for Halloween, considering the types of items you use may help you keep spiders away. Natural hay bales, decorations with moulded impressions and items that glow with white lights and attract insects may all interest spiders looking for places to make new homes.

If you want to discourage spiders from exploring your Halloween decor, you can use fake hay and lighted decorations that do not draw insects to them. You can also inspect your decor at least once a week to ensure that you have not created a prime environment for insects or spiders.

3. Use Yellow Lighting Outdoors 

Because so many different types of insects are attracted by white lighting, dusk and evening hours may provide spiders with a buffet if they build their homes nearby. Most types of decor are made for a home’s front porch, so spiders may hide around or inside them to catch bugs attracted by your porch light.

Replacing white light bulbs with ones that emit yellow light can reduce the number of bugs that swarm there, as most cannot see warmer colours, such as orange or yellow, due to how their eyesight works. Adding yellow lighting to your decor and porch may discourage bugs from swarming and give spiders fewer opportunities to hunt.

4. Call Us for Residential Pest Control 

Some spiders look for safe places to lay their egg sacs as well as to hunt, and when you experience a spider population explosion, it can be frightening and frustrating, especially if you have a fear of most types of spiders. While most species in the area do not harm humans, black widows, brown recluses and hobo spiders can all deliver a venomous and painful bite to both people and pets. Calling in our spider removal technicians can offer you peace of mind and allow you and your home’s visitors to enjoy your Halloween decor.

When our technicians arrive, they will assess the situation and let you know which species are making their home in and around your decorations. They will then treat all these areas to remove live specimens and egg sacs. Next, they will inspect your home and seal cracks and crevices where spiders might gain access to enclosed porches. Finally, our techs will offer you a variety of tips to keep insects and the spiders that feed on them away from your home.

Halloween is a fun and exciting holiday, but the presence of spiders in your decor can ruin your celebrations. Contact us today for assistance by phone for more information or visit our website to schedule an inspection to keep your Guelph home spider free for Halloween and beyond.