Guelph Pest Control: Why Wasps Really Sting You?

Why Wasps Really Sting You

Is that wasp watching you, or are you imagining it? In this article, we will discuss the reasons why wasps may sting you, what you can do to prevent a sting attack, and steps you can take if you need to schedule wasp removal services in Guelph.

Why Wasps Sting

Wasps rarely sting without reason, though they can seem slightly vengeful at times. They may be guarding their young, protecting their home, or simply trying to scare you away from a food source they consider to be valuable. Wasps often can’t tell the difference between a human swinging a bat at their nest and a child playing too close to their home for comfort: To the ever-vigilant wasps, these people could both represent a threat to their lives.

Unlike bees, wasps do not die after they sting you — which means they could return to do it as often as they like if they feel you are still a threat! They may also bring some friends to join their ranks if they feel they are in a battle for their homeland.

3 Reasons To Call an Exterminator To Rid Your Property of Wasps

You may be tempted to leave a wasp nest alone if you find it outdoors and far away from where people may socialize or play. That’s likely fine. Wasps, in addition to their ability to bite and sting, actually play a productive role in nature like many other “scary” bugs: They keep populations of other insects under control.

Not all wasps enjoy stinging humans — but at times, it can be difficult to tell one species from another. If you have a wasp colony living in your house or immediately adjacent to your property, it’s important to have a consultation with an exterminator for the following reasons:

1. Wasps Bite and Sting

This point may seem obvious, but nobody wants to live in the constant uneasiness of wasps hovering overhead. Though wasps aren’t usually intentionally vicious creatures, they can bite and sting when they feel threatened. From their perspective, their stings make sense, but from yours, it also makes for a good reason to get rid of any nests you see near your home.

2. Several People Are Allergic to Wasp Stings

If you have a diagnosed stinging insect allergy or you have a close family member with one, it’s crucial to get rid of wasp nests on your property — and fast. Allergies like this can be fatal, and at the very least, they can cause uncomfortable reactions and turn a nice summer day sour pretty fast. Keep your family and friends safe by employing a qualified exterminator to effectively remove nests from your property.

3. Wasp Nests Grow Over Time

If you made the decision to leave a smaller nest alone last year only to find that it became a much larger nest this summer, you’ve found yourself in a common situation. Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell which nests will stay the same size and which will balloon out of control and become a big problem for the homeowners. Again, nests that are out of the way and small enough to not cause any problems may be able to be left alone — but only a conversation with an exterminator will tell you whether this is the safest choice.

Truly Nolen Provides Experienced Wasp Removal Ser

vices in Guelph

If you’ve got a wasp problem, it’s best to act sooner rather than later when it comes to safe and effective removal. Not all wasps sting, but those that do can become nuisances at best and life-threatening houseguests at worst due to several peoples’ allergies to insect stings. Be on the safe side and call Truly Nolen to talk about how wasps are affecting your home. Schedule your inspection today!