How to Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Guelph Business

How to Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Guelph Business

If you own a business, you know how important it is to create a safe and inviting outdoor space for your customers. However, during the warmer months, mosquitoes can make that atmosphere unbearable for everyone onsite, making commercial pest control in Guelph essential. Thankfully, there are several reliable methods you can use to keep these unwanted pests away from your property.

Why Am I Seeing More Mosquitos Than Usual?

There are a number of reasons why mosquito populations occasionally surge. Consider the following factors in pest population growth:

  • They’ve found an ideal habitat.
  • You’ve opened a new part of your business such as an outdoor cafe, a seating area near a pond, or a garden or nursery.
  • Weather conditions have shifted and made it more favourable for insects to move to your area.
  • They take advantage of a business owner’s lack of outdoor maintenance (such as forgoing landscaping and leaving out standing water).

How To Keep Mosquitos Away From Your Business

Fortunately for the business owner, there are a few DIY methods of reducing, but not necessarily eliminating, a mosquito population. Consider trying these methods while waiting for your appointment with Truly Nolen.

1. Keep Your Landscaping Maintained

It’s often easier said than done to keep up with landscaping in a residential area — but for businesses, it’s essential to take care of your space for both aesthetic and health reasons. Make time to care for your exterior yourself or hire a professional to come regularly to clear out weeds, trim bushes, and maintain problem spots that collect rainwater in your landscaping.

A well-maintained exterior will draw customers into your business, and it will also give mosquitos a smaller space to build a potential residence. By eliminating mosquitos’ favourite habitats such as dark, damp areas under unkempt shrubbery, you will be well on your way to reducing your resident pest population.

2. Install Gutter Guards

Mosquitos love to lay their eggs (sometimes over 100 at a time) in or next to standing water. Gutters provide the ideal environment for a clutch of these eggs: They are filled with damp material and water, and they remain relatively undisturbed by humans and other animals.

Gutter guards can be a great investment for business owners who have a mosquito problem or simply those who find themselves spending a lot of time cleaning out their gutters. These sheets of material lay flat over the gutter and allow water to pass through. Essentially, they prevent your gutters from becoming clogged with leaves and other debris while eliminating the environment that mosquitos love to live in.

3. Get Rid of Standing Water

Mosquito eggs are triggered to hatch when they come in contact with water. Installing gutter guards is a great first step to eliminating standing water, but it’s not enough. Survey your property carefully with the help of Truly Nolen to determine if there are any areas where water normally collects and stays for days on end. 

For example, do you have a small pond on your patio area that has no fountain? Or, are there areas in your landscaping that host small pools of water that you don’t see regularly?

Contact Truly Nolen for Commercial Pest Control in Guelph

Mosquitos are annoyances to customers and business owners alike, cause itchy welts and spread certain viruses, and reproduce quickly enough to make you feel hopeless about ever ridding your business of these pests. If your business is struggling to keep the local mosquito population under control, don’t wait until you lose customers!

Schedule your inspection with Truly Nolen for experienced pest control, including wasp and rodent removal, in the Guelph region and beyond. We look forward to helping you restore your business’s pleasant outdoor atmosphere.