Signs of a Spider Infestation: What to Look For in Your Guelph Home

Signs of a Spider Infestation

Many people fear spiders, and the idea they may have an infestation is terrifying. That said, how do you know when you have an infestation? You can contact spider control in Guelph for an inspection or look for the numerous signs arachnids tend to leave around your home.

4 Signs of a Spider Infestation

While spiders tend to provoke jump scares and tense attitudes, arachnids benefit the environment as a whole. They act as a natural pest control and serve as a food source for many wildlife. Still, no one wants an abundance of eight-legged critters running around in their home.

Unfortunately, spiders often find their way inside houses. They may come in through an open door or window, a torn screen, or even a hole or crack in the foundation. The key to preventing too many spiders in your house is observation. If you see more spiders, you can contact a pest control service to resolve the issue. That said, there are four signs you may have a spider infestation in your house.

1. Seeing More Spiders Than Usual

The most obvious sign that you have an infestation is increased spider activity. It is normal to find a few spiders in your home throughout the year, especially in warmer or cooler months, but it is not normal to notice several hanging out in webs in your living room.

Spiders are shy creatures, and they are afraid of people. If spiders stay out where they can see you or run across your house in broad daylight, you likely have a problem.

2. Finding Egg Sacs

Like most living things, spiders want to find a safe space to lay their eggs. They want their babies to have the best chance of survival, so most homeowners won’t find egg sacs in their living spaces. You may find the sacs in a garage, basement, attic, or crawlspace because these areas have less traffic, but if you don’t have an infestation, you may not even notice them in these areas.

If you start noticing egg sacs throughout your house, you have a problem. Spiders are laying eggs in your home because it feels safe and provides their young with food, shelter, and water.

3. Noticing More Webs

It’s pretty normal to have to knock down a few webs in living spaces throughout the year. More often than not, you’re knocking down webs with no apparent occupant. When you start having to knock down webs daily inside your house, you have a problem.

Also, if spiders stay on their webs regardless of the time of day and whether you’re present, that’s a big problem. Spiders are more comfortable building webs throughout your house when they do not see you as a threat. Also, when you have insect infestations, spiders may become less worried about you and more focused on catching food.

4. Finding Unexplained Bites

When learning how to control spider populations, you’ll learn that spiders have more of a tolerance for people than you might imagine. Granted, the creatures are afraid of people, but their first instinct is not to bite. That said, when you have a spider infestation, it is common for spiders to crawl over you while you sleep. During nighttime encounters, you may move in a way the arachnid finds threatening, and it will bite you.

It is rare for spiders to crawl across a person in their sleep and even rarer for them to bite. If you start waking up with unexplained bites, it can signify an infestation.

Spider Removal Near Me

Spider infestations can be difficult to handle if not treated properly. If you are concerned that you may be dealing with an infestation in your Guelph home, it’s best to contact the team at Truly Nolen Canada as soon as possible. Our team is trained to identify and resolve the situation.