Prevent A Spider Infestation This Spring In Brant County With These Tips

Prevent A Spider Infestation This Spring In Brant County With These Tips

Spring is a time to start shedding winter garments and planning outdoor activities in warmer weather. However, not everything that comes with spring is pleasant and agreeable. During the winter, spiders go dormant. They are not seen or heard from much and do not cause much trouble. However, in the spring, warm weather revives the spiders, which return to their usual activities, which means you may require spider removal services.

In addition, spring is the time that female spiders lay their eggs. The number of eggs that each spider lays can range from 100 to over 2,000. If the spiders get into your home, they may warrant a call for spider control in Brant County. However, it may be possible to keep the spiders from coming inside this spring.

Look for Cracks and Seal Them

Because spiders are relatively small, they can fit into even the tiniest cracks around your home to make their way inside. Cracks in the foundation as well as gaps around windows or doors from worn-out weatherstripping are frequent routes for spiders to get into a home. Not only that but each may be related to other problems. Cracks in the foundation may mean that your home is settling, while gaps in weatherstripping can cause higher utility bills by decreasing your home’s energy efficiency. Therefore, there are benefits to solving these problems beyond preventing a spider infestation.

Remove Entry Points and Walkways

Spiders like to make their homes in dark, enclosed areas that provide cover and protection from predators. For example, spiders may build webs amongst shrubbery or in a woodpile. If these areas are touching the house, it is a relatively easy matter for them to step from their hiding place onto the side of the house, where they can then look for cracks and vulnerabilities. Spiders may find an opening that you missed when you were performing your inspection and use it to enter the house. By moving woodpiles so that they are away from the house and trimming back shrubbery so that it no longer touches the sides of the windows, you provide yourself with an extra layer of protection against a spider infestation.

Make Sure You Have Adequate Window Screens

With the return of warm weather, you may want to open up doors and windows to allow the fresh air to circulate. This can help to improve the indoor air quality of your home. Allowing spring breezes to circulate can help to cool your home so that you don’t have to run the air conditioner as often, which is better for the environment. However, before you open any doors or windows for ventilation purposes, make sure there are screens in place and that they are in good repair.

A lack of screens, or screens with holes in them, allow insects to get into your home when the windows and doors are open. Spiders feed on insects and, like most predators, they follow wherever their prey goes. Therefore, if you let insects into the house, you can also expect to see spiders before too long.

Keep Your Home Clean

Crumbs provide food for insects, which attract spiders. Clutter provides hiding spaces for spiders to spin webs and prey on insects undisturbed. Keeping your home clean and clutter-free helps to deter spiders from your property. 

Like most animals, spiders want to live where food is plentiful and easy to catch. It isn’t easy for spiders to catch food if they don’t have a place to spin webs or the webs that they do spin are destroyed. Furthermore, if they are unable to find insects to eat, they are unlikely to hang around long.

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