Haldimand-Norfolk Pest Control: Are Spiders Afraid of Humans?

Haldimand-Norfolk Pest Control Are Spiders Afraid of Humans

Many people have a fear of spiders, which is a condition known as arachnophobia, and like many phobias, the basis of the fear is not always completely rational. However, people who experience arachnophobia may wonder if spiders fear humans in return. The answer is generally yes, many spiders are afraid of people, but not necessarily right away. When considering spider removal in the house, homeowners should consider some of the factors that go into whether or not spiders fear humans.

Spiders May Not Notice Humans Immediately 

Because humans are not innate predators of spiders in the way that animals such as birds, wasps and scorpions are, spiders do not necessarily look out for humans when going about their business. It is for this reason that most spiders are not afraid of humans right away in the same way that a person who is afraid of spiders becomes scared at first glance of the arachnid. Although many people will contact pest removal services in Haldimand- Norfolk to have spiders removed from their homes, spiders still generally do not possess a natural instinct to fear humans at first.

However, all of this changes when a person attempts to capture or kill a spider. This is when the spider’s survival instinct kicks in, and they may increase their speed or hide to try to get away from the threat. This is one of the many reasons why it is prudent to hire a professional pest control service to get rid of spiders, as an amateur may cause the spider to find a better hiding place and make their home’s spider problem worse.

Spiders Experience Fear Differently

Most humans experience fear in a similar way, as it is a natural instinct to stay away from something potentially harmful. Spiders, however, experience fear differently than humans because they lack the ability to process information in the same way as people. For example, a spider weaving a web is unable to think about whether or not a person who is nearby is a threat or not, so it will continue to weave its web. The spider will focus on its task at hand until it perceives the human to be a threat, at which time it will switch gears and focus all its energy on getting away from that hazard.

A person will generally try to get rid of a threat that is much smaller than they are, such as an insect or arachnid. A spider, however, knows that its best course of action is to hide and remain out of the sight of larger hunters as much as possible.

Spiders and Humans Can Coexist 

Just as some people are afraid of spiders while others are not, some spiders are more afraid of humans than others. One factor that comes into play is whether or not the spider is around people who bother them and try to get rid of them. For example, when someone keeps a spider as a pet, the spider learns that humans are friendly and that they do not have to fear humans. Whether or not a spider is afraid of people depends on many factors, including any past experiences they have had.

Generally, the best way to avoid getting spiders in the house is to make sure the walls and doors of the home are sealed off from the outside. However, if a homeowner already has a spider invasion and wants to prevent further intrusions in the future, they should contact Truly Nolen Canada and speak with a pest control specialist. We can assist with spider removal and prevention any time of the year.