Hamilton Pest Control: How To Avoid Mosquitoes in Early Fall

Hamilton Pest Control: How To Avoid Mosquitoes in Early Fall

Once the blazing days of summer have ended, you’re probably looking forward to spending more time comfortably enjoying the great outdoors. Unfortunately, pests like mosquitoes can get in the way of your fall fun. Although they’re thought of as summer bugs, mosquitoes are often more bothersome to people as the temperatures decrease, as the same cooler weather that encourages increased human activity also provides more opportunity for them to attack.

Fortunately, preparing yourself by learning what appeals to these pesky parasites and taking measures to control them means you don’t have to stay cooped up to avoid bites. Here’s what you need to know about dealing with mosquitoes in the fall, along with how to find the best partner for effective mosquito control in Hamilton.

Mosquito Control in Hamilton Starts With Understanding What Attracts These Stinging Pests in the Fall

When it comes to keeping mosquitoes away from you, the first step is learning what attracts them and eliminating those things. Here are some common attractants to help you stay proactive in keeping them away.

Dark Clothing

While light colours and patterns are commonly known to appeal to bees, mosquitoes have different preferences. Although scientists aren’t sure whether it’s the heat held by dark clothing or some sort of visual cue, the brown, grey, and blue fabrics favoured by humans in the fall months are proven attractors. Materials in paler shades are safer choices for effective mosquito control in Hamilton.


Higher body temperature and sweat are also known to attract mosquitoes. Your perspiration gives off acidic volatiles that help the insects locate you and then zoom in for a bite. When mosquitoes are active, it’s best to keep your high-intensity workouts indoors.


In addition to sweat, mosquitoes also sniff out the carbon dioxide humans emit in order to locate their prey. Because your breathing becomes heavier with movement, more carbon dioxide is exhaled and it’s easier for these pests to find you. Since mosquitoes are more active from dusk to dawn, when you have to spend time outdoors do so in peak daylight hours.

Best Practices for Mosquito Control in Hamilton

While wearing lighter colours and limiting your activity are great methods to keep mosquitoes away, there are additional always to fight mosquitoes during the early fall.

Cover Up

The less skin you expose when outdoors, the less access you provide to hungry mosquitoes. Wear full-coverage loose clothing so mosquitoes can’t pierce the fabric to reach your flesh and choose tightly woven materials like denim and wool.

Use Repellent

Spray exposed skin and your clothing with an effective repellent like DEET. This masks the attractive smell of human sweat.

Turn on a Fan

When air is moving, it dispels attractive human scents and creates a more challenging flight environment for insects. To improve mosquito control for home and yard areas, turn on an overhead or standing fan.

Get Rid of Standing Water

Effective mosquito control doesn’t end with keeping these bugs away from humans. Aim to eliminate them from your property altogether by getting rid of standing water, in which mosquitoes lay their eggs. Because the cycle from egg to adult takes just eight to ten days, do weekly checks and dump all water from these common pooling spots:

    • Buckets and other containers
    • Fountains and birdbaths
    • Flowerpot saucers
    • Kid’s toys and pools
    • Outdoor furniture
    • Tarps and garden equipment

Turn to Truly Nolen for Top Mosquito Control in Hamilton

Now that you’ve gotten ideas for reducing your chances of mosquito problems in the early fall, it’s time to know who to contact when you need help battling bug issues around your home. For expert attention, start and end your search for the “best mosquito control near me” with Truly Nolen.

At Truly Nolen, our experienced professionals conduct a full property inspection to tailor a treatment plan specific to your needs, and we’ll set up a four-season treatment plan that ensures you and your family remain comfortable and safe year-round. Call us today and let Truly Nolen Pest Control put your worries about pests to rest!