Deterring Spiders From Your Deck in Kitchener

Deterring Spiders From Your Deck in Kitchener

Unlike some pests, such as wasps, spiders do not need to build a nest to make a home for themselves. All they need is a place to spin a web, and they can do that even in exceptionally narrow nooks and crannies. Some spiders do not even need to spin a web as they have other means of catching their prey. Decks can represent the best of both worlds for a spider: They can stay outside in their natural environment while taking advantage of the insects that an outdoor living area can draw to a house.

If the spiders are creating a problem, you may require professional spider removal in Kitchener to get rid of them. However, you may be able to deter them from your deck before it gets to that point so you can enjoy your outdoor living space in peace.

1. Let Your Pets Out on the Deck

Dogs and cats are predators by nature. Spiders are quite a bit further down on the food chain and don’t like to stick around where larger predators hang out. It is important to stress that if you do not already have a dog or cat, you should not acquire one primarily for pest control. Pet ownership carries with it a lot of responsibility, and if pest control is all you want, there are much more efficient methods of spider removal in Kitchener.

However, if you already have a dog or cat, letting it out on the deck regularly may be effective at deterring spiders. This can be tricky if the cat or dog is an indoor pet, but maybe you can think of a way to tether or restrain it so that it does not escape when enjoying time outdoors.

2. Remove Spider Webs

You can easily remove spider webs inside by using the tube attachment on your vacuum cleaner, but you may not want to bring the vacuum cleaner you use inside out onto your deck. If this is the case, you can use a shop vac that tends to be a little tougher or simply swipe the spider webs away from the deck with a broom.

This is not a quick fix. The first time you clean away the webs from your deck, the spiders will simply rebuild them. You have to be diligent at cleaning the spider webs on a regular basis. Eventually, the spiders will determine that it is not worthwhile to keep spinning webs that are just going to get wrecked and move on.

3. Prevent Lights From Attracting Spiders

Spiders themselves aren’t attracted to lights, but insects are, and spiders are attracted to insects. Therefore, outdoor lights on your deck could be attracting spiders indirectly. It probably isn’t practical to have a deck without any lights, but be careful to only turn them on when needed. Additionally, you can try using a yellow light bulb in your outdoor light that is less likely to attract insects than white light.

4. Close up Cracks or Holes

There are always gaps between the planks of a deck; they are necessary for water drainage and should be left alone. However, you should inspect your deck for cracks in the planks themselves. If you find any, you should have them repaired or replaced as necessary.

If spiders are on the deck, they could soon make their way into your home. Therefore, you should check for any cracks or holes in your home’s exterior that could allow spiders to get inside and repair them if you find any. If you can’t deter them from your deck, you can at least prevent them from going any further. In particular, look for holes around doors and windows.

If deterrence is not effective, you can call Truly Nolen for spider removal in Kitchener. With Four Seasons pest control, we anticipate the behaviour of pests at different times of the year and incorporate it into our removal strategy.