How to Create a Pest-Free Workspace in Kitchener

Pest Free Workspace

Pests aren’t just a nuisance. They’re a health hazard. In a commercial building, whether you’re a restaurant, office or warehouse, pests can also be a financial drain. A pest-free building is important to keeping customers, vendors and tenants happy. Learn more about how to keep out pests with a comprehensive plan from commercial pest control in Kitchener.

Keep Your Commercial Building Pest-Free

A preventative plan to keep insects and other pests out of your office will be more effective than simply spraying when you see bugs. Pests are attracted to moisture, food and places to make nests. If you eliminate those things, particularly in your basement, you can reduce the risk of seeing pests.

Have Designated Eating Areas

Keeping food out of the office is one big step in keeping pests out. Designate a place for storing and eating. Ask employees to wrap all food that isn’t kept in the fridge in airtight containers. Even old food that humans wouldn’t eat is a feast for pests. Discard food after a certain time frame.

Enhance Cleaning Protocols

The smallest crumbs and spills attract pests and other rodents. Create a cleaning procedure that includes daily tasks, such as wiping down counters, desks, tables and other surfaces. Trash should be taken out regularly, especially if any wrappers or food is in the bin. Ask all employees to clean up after they eat or spill liquids. Even the aroma from spills can attract ants or roaches.

As part of your cleaning procedures make sure to clean up places where pests can hide or make nests. Stacks of paper or other cluttered items are perfect nesting sites. Keep your office clean and tidy as part of your pest control protocols.

Take Care of Plants

Plants have a lot of benefits to offices, but they can also house pests. Avoid over-watering plants, because pests are highly attracted to moisture. Inspect plants monthly for pests. New plants and new potting soil can bring new bugs into the office. Know the signs of pests on the plants, such as small spider webs or tiny white flakes on the leaves. Treat the plants with a pesticide designed to deal with the pest instead of using a generic formula designed to kill many types of pests.

What Businesses Need Pest Control The Most?

While every business could benefit from pest control, there are certain businesses that seem to attract more pests and cannot ignore the risks.

  • Restaurants and fast-food establishments have to be extremely aware of pests. Even one roach can make social media headlines and cripple the establishment in just a few days.
  • Hotels are another business that has a high risk of pests. Warm, comfortable rooms with food leftover from guests’ meals are a huge draw to pests. Guests might even bring in pests in their luggage, giving the pests a head start.
  • Convenience stores are a convenient stop for pests. Many convenient stores just don’t focus on pest control, so the pests have free reign to feed on the crumbs and spills from customers.
  • Office buildings are kept warm and habitable for humans, making them prime real estate for pests. One small leak or an overflowing trash can with food scraps will attract pests very quickly.

Professional Pest Control At Your Service

Truly Nolen provides residential and commercial pest control services to keep your business pest-free. We deal with all types of pests, working with you to prevent and mitigate problems before they damage your reputation. Contact us to learn more about how we can impose a monthly program that helps you maintain a pest-free environment for your employees and customers.