Kitchener Pest Control: Is Professional Bed Bug Removal Costs Worth it?

Is Professional Bed Bug Removal Costs Worth it_

Twenty-five years ago, bed bugs were not considered a common problem in North America, but now, requests for bed bug treatments have skyrocketed. International travel has helped the bugs spread around the world, and if they’re in your home, they probably hitched a ride when you were travelling. Bed bugs feast on you while you sleep, and their bites can produce welts and rashes. Irradicating the pests with DIY products is impractical and often dangerous for your family and pets, but how much is professional bed bug control in Kitchener?

Determining the Costs of Bed Bug Removal

Bed bug treatments are vital for removing the pests and preventing a future invasion, but the cost of service varies depending on the customer. You can spend anywhere from $500 to several thousand on professional services, but that does not include possible replacement costs for furniture or an overnight stay at a hotel.

Size of the Home

Your home’s size helps determine the cost of your service. If you have a single-story house with less than 2000 square feet, you’ll pay far less than someone living in a large home with several rooms. Also, if you have high ceilings in your home, you’ll pay more since a technician will have to use more supplies to treat the rooms.

The Severity of the Infestation

If you call the professionals during the early stages of the infestation, you’ll spend less money on the treatment. Unfortunately, most people do not realize they have a problem until the bugs begin biting them. At that point, the population is usually established around your home with hidden egg sacks ready to hatch. Bed bugs can hide in carpet, fabric, furniture, bedding, moulding and other hidden areas that are difficult for an untrained eye to spot.

Amount of Furniture

If you have several pieces of furniture that require treatment, you’ll spend a little more on your bill. The technicians will take longer to treat additional surfaces on couches and chairs, but pieces with excessive spotting and a large infestation may have to be discarded and replaced. After feeding, bed bugs secrete liquid waste that resembles dark brown or black dots made from a fountain pen. If a larger population resides in a couch or chair, the resulting spots may be difficult to remove with standard cleaners. Most beds and chairs can be treated with bed bug mists or sprays without being replaced, but a pest control expert can help you decide if your furniture is worth saving or not.

Location of the Property

If you live in a small suburb or town, you’ll pay less on your bed bug exterminator cost than someone living in a large city. Bed bugs are more abundant in cities with international hubs and ports. Although cities have more pest control companies than small towns, the technicians are in higher demand, and they charge higher rates for their services.

Selecting a Professional Service

Pest control businesses use different techniques for treating your home for bed bugs, but fumigation is one of the most common and effective. You may have to leave for a day or two, depending on the severity of the problem when fumigation begins. Fumigation treatments use mists or sprays to eradicate every living insect and egg in your home. Most pest control companies, like Truly Nolen, use chemicals that will not harm your family or pets when you return. Heat treatments and freezing treatments are also used by exterminators for bed bugs in areas with fumigation restrictions, but they’re less effective at killing all the eggs and preventing a resurgence.

At Truly Nolen, we can resolve your bed bug problems and develop a plan to prevent another infestation. Eradicating the pests is only part of the treatment, and we can set an inspection schedule to ensure your home remains bed bug-free. Contact us today.