Kitchener Pest Control: Should Carpenter Ants Be A Concern This Spring?

Kitchener Pest Control: Should Carpenter Ants Be A Concern This Spring?

Carpenter ants are a concern in the spring because this is the time of year when they mate and look for nesting or colony sites. Carpenter ant pest control in Kitchener can help home and business owners prepare their properties for spring, reducing the likelihood of ant and other insect infestations.

Carpenter ants are among the largest ant species, and they can damage properties because they burrow into wood. While they do not eat wood like other species, they can weaken the integrity of the material by chewing pathways through it.

Understanding the nature and behaviour of carpenter ants is the best way to prevent infestations. Also, working with a qualified pest control professional who offers four-season protection against intrusive species and pests.

Are Carpenter Ants More Likely To Invade Your Home in the Spring?

After winter, when carpenter ants emerge from their existing colonies, they leave, searching for mates. Flying ants are a form of carpenter ants, and it is at this stage they seek potential partners for mating season.

The mating season of winged male and female ants occurs in late spring to early summer. Mating occurs midair in what some call “nuptial flights.” When a female queen becomes impregnated, she loses her wings and looks for a nesting site.

Nesting sites are small wood cavities the queen either locates or creates. The ant seals herself inside the chamber until her babies become adult worker ants. The worker ants then proceed to build the colony and search for food and other suitable sites.

Knowing all this, spring is absolutely a time of year to worry about carpenter ants. It is the time when the ants are searching for mates and suitable colonies or nesting sites. If the wood around your home offers easy access and pliable tunnelling material, it is a possible location for carpenter ant infestations.

When Is Carpenter Ant Mating Season?

The specific mating season for carpenter ants is usually from June to July, but it can begin as early as mid to late May. If you see flying ants around your house, you should consider calling a residential pest control service.

Early intervention is the best way to prevent carpenter ant infestations. A pest control service can come to your property and spray chemical barriers. Technicians can also help you understand the proper maintenance and upkeep strategies to deter ant and other insect infestations.

How Do You Prevent Carpenter Ant Infestations?

The best protection against carpenter ants is prevention. The ants love moist wood because it is easier to chew through and shape. You need to perform routine inspections of your property to correct any leaks from the plumbing or the roof.

Also, seal any cracks or openings around the foundation of your house. You should pay special attention to areas where utility wires and pipes enter the structure. Openings offer easy access to the wooden frame of your home.

Ant prevention also includes landscape maintenance. It would be best if you cut back branches or bushes that may act as a bridge to your house. Also, store firewood away from the house and off the ground; ants love to build colonies in firewood.

The best prevention methods will usually involve some form of professional help. A pest control service can help you locate and resolve all property vulnerabilities.

As the warmer weather kicks in, it is time to assess property weaknesses and their susceptibility to insect infestations, including carpenter ants. Contact Truly Nolen Canada to schedule a property assessment in Kitchener and learn about our four-season protection. The service will send a team to inspect your property and propose solutions or prevention strategies.