Kitchener Pest Removal: Are Spiders Active at Night?

Kitchener Pest Removal: Are Spiders Active at Night?

You may have heard the urban legend that spiders crawl into your mouth at night and you unwittingly swallow them while you are asleep. Fortunately, for both you and the spiders, that is not true. However, it is true that most species of spiders are more active at night than during the day. This could add to spiders’ creepy mystique and contribute to calls for spider control in Kitchener. However, is there a reason why spiders are more active at night?

Spider Control in Kitchener: Why Are Spiders More Active at Night?

Spiders are predators that feed on insects, but most species don’t use their vision to find their prey. Instead, most spiders spin webs to catch and trap the insects that they feed on. When a bug gets trapped in a spider’s web, its attempts to free itself cause the strands of the web to tremble. The motion of the web alerts the spider that its next meal has arrived, and the spider follows the motion of the web to catch and kill its prey.

Spiders don’t need to be able to see to spin their webs. Therefore, they typically do this at night. Orb-weaving spiders often spend all night spinning a web and, if they don’t catch any bugs, they consume the web and start over the next night.

While most spiders are nocturnal, there are some exceptions. For example, jumping spiders pounce on their prey rather than spinning a web and have to be able to look before they leap. North America is home to 350 species of jumping spiders, and because these species rely on vision to find food, they are active during the day.

Spider Removal Near Me: Why Do You Sometimes See Spiders During the Day?

If you see a spider during the day, and it isn’t a jumping spider, you may wonder why it is active. If it is early morning, it may be that the spider hasn’t gone to sleep yet. In the late evening, the spider may be just waking up.

Otherwise, spiders may be active during the day because something has disturbed them. Perhaps you startled them as you were puttering around the house doing chores, or perhaps a pet tried to catch them. In either case, the spiders are probably either trying to get away from a potential threat or trying to get back to their nests after the disturbance.

How To Control Spiders: What Can You Do To Reduce Spider Activity?

Keeping spiders out of your home can be a challenge; most of the eight-legged pests currently in your home have lived there all their lives. Spiders make nests and spin webs where there is plenty of food available, so if there are lots of spiders in your home, you may have an underlying insect infestation.

Spiders also like to live in moist areas, so if you can find a way to reduce your home’s humidity, you may be able to make it less hospitable for spiders. Spiders don’t eat crumbs or scraps of food, but insects do, so keeping your house clean may help to reduce spider activity.

You may be able to prevent spiders from getting into your home in the first place by making sure any gaps around doors or windows or cracks in your home’s exterior are tightly sealed. However, this only prevents new spiders from getting in; it doesn’t do anything about those that are already inside.

Spider Control in Kitchener: Why Should You Contact Truly Nolen?

When you call Truly Nolen for spider control in Kitchener, we start with an assessment of your property to identify the species of spider as well as check for an insect infestation. We can address both issues to keep your home pest-free. We provide year-round pest control services to keep bugs and spiders from coming back, so get started today.