Kitchener Pest Removal: Increased Risk of a Rat Infestation in Summer

Kitchener Pest Removal: Increased Risk of a Rat Infestation in Summer

Everyone loves the summer; it is a time for picnics and outdoor celebrations. Unfortunately, humans are not the only species that love the warmer weather; rats also enjoy and thrive during the temperature shift, requiring rat control in Kitchener to be on high alert.

Rats and other rodents don’t only come out in the spring and fall. They are still looking for shelter, food, and water in the summer. Your home presents an enviable smorgasbord to wildlife, meaning your home is more vulnerable to infestations.

You may have many questions about how to prevent or resolve rat infestations. Discover the answer to three of the most commonly posed inquiries.

3 Questions About Rat Infestations in the Summer

Rodents can cause problems year-round. Typically, homeowners associate rat infestations with the fall and winter seasons; in most cases, they aren’t wrong. During the fall, as the season approaches winter temperatures, rats and other rodents seek warmer shelters. The animals may make their way into garages, sheds, under decks, crawlspaces, or — if they have access — into homes.

Despite the typical fall and winter behaviour of rodents, residential properties are not free of risks in the summer. Homeowners need to understand the risks associated with summer behaviour and learn how to prevent such problems.

1. Are You More at Risk of an Infestation During the Summer?

You are not necessarily more at risk of an infestation during summer, but that doesn’t mean you can let your guard down. Most rats and rodent populations remain outdoors in warmer weather, meaning they prefer outdoor nests and colony sites. That said, the primary driver of colonization is access to food, water, and safety.

Even in warmer weather, your home presents temptation and motivation to numerous wildlife species, including rats. Birdfeeders, backyard ponds, and open trash containers all motivate rats to move closer to your house. Eventually, they may find their way inside.

2. How Can You Prevent an Infestation During the Summer?

If rodents may still infest your space in the summer, what is the best way to control rats? Simply put, cleanliness and maintenance. You must remove all temptation for wildlife, including birdfeeders and decorative ponds or fountains. If you must keep these items, keep the areas around them clear of debris.

Also, keep your lawn cut short. Rodents and other critters like to roam through high grass because it provides protection against predators.

Finally, keep garbage in sealed bins. If possible, do not store your trash cans outside. Keep garbage cans in a garage or shed behind a closed door.

3. Why Do Rodents Invade Homes During the Summer?

Rodents invade homes during the summer because they are looking for shelter, food, or water. A house provides everything a rat needs to survive. Also, the structure often provides plenty of hiding places to develop colonies.

Rodents takeover attic and basement spaces. The animals will also inhabit wall cavities. They might invade your garage or crawl space if they cannot make it inside your house.

As long as the space provides shelter and easy access to food and water, it is a suitable nesting site. Before rats or other rodents take up residence on your property, consult a pest control professional to learn about preventative techniques.

How To Protect Your Home This Summer

Whether you need rat control near me for an existing infestation or simply want advice about protecting your property, contact Truly Nolen Canada to discuss its pest control service packages. The company can assess your property and offer insight into possible vulnerabilities. It can also provide services to correct any current issues.