Kitchener Pest Removal: What is the Best Way to Control Rats?

Kitchener Pest Removal: What is the Best Way to Control Rats?

Many rodents are so adaptable that they manage to survive almost anywhere, but few are as intelligent and wily as rats. Two common species in Kitchener, the black rat and the brown rat, seek out food, water and a safe place to nest all year round. At Truly Nolen, we can protect your home during any season with rat control in Kitchener with a variety of services that seek out, remove and prevent rats from returning to your property. 

1. Rat Removal in the Spring 

When spring arrives in Ontario, both black and brown rats search for new nesting sites, black rats, also known as roof rats due to their ability to climb, might gain access to your attic by jumping or climbing tree branches to gain access via missing roof tiles, where they can gnaw and pry up flashing. Brown rats can also climb with little trouble and find their way into your home through foundation gaps and cracks or by shimmying up exterior pipes. 

Our pest technicians have vast experience with rat control in Kitchener, targeting and removing these rodents from your home before they gain a serious foothold. 

2. Rats Breed All Summer Long 

Like most rodents, rats can raise large litters and produce generation after generation of pups when they have a warm, safe environment, such as your attic or crawlspace. They may also nest behind your walls in the summer for safety and warmth. Once established, they can damage your insulation, drywall and wiring. 

When you call us, we can answer your question, “What is the best way to control rats?” While you may consider handling the infestation alone, this is a dangerous idea. Rats will bite and scratch to defend themselves and their nests, and both the brown (or common) rat and the roof rat can grow up to nearly 30 centimetres long as adults, which makes them dangerous to handle on your own. Our techs have the proper experience to safely remove rats during the summer. 

3. Fall Rat Control in Kitchener 

When fall arrives in Kitchener, rats that live outdoors spend much of their time searching for a warm, safe place to spend the upcoming colder months. They may move stored food into your home once they find a way in, then seek out a water source and other foods to add to their cache. Rats are not finicky eaters and may eat and hide pet kibble, leftover food scraps on your kitchen counter and even gnaw into your pantry to get at dried foods, like cereal. 

Our Truly Nolen pest techs can inspect your property to seek out and seal cracks and gaps where rats might find their way into your home. They can also trim back branches that overhang your home to discourage black rats from using them as a bridge to your roof. 

4. Protection for the Winter Months 

When you consider rat control for your home, you might wonder, “Is there rat control near me that can help safeguard my home during the winter?” Unlike some other mammals, rats do not hibernate and remain active all winter, storing food and raising their litters. When you call us for professional rat control, our technicians can seek out signs of a rodent infestation, such as droppings, and grease marks on trim and walls as the rats create trails and paths and gnaw marks on baseboards and attic wood. We can also return periodically during the cold months to prevent re-infestation. 

Call Us Today for Year-Round Rat Control in Ontario

Rats are clever and can pose a danger to you and your family, but you do not have to handle them on your own. It is important to have the best protection for your home and property, which is why Truly Nolen’s rat control services in Kitchener are the perfect solution. Call us today or schedule an inspection to keep rats away from your property year-round.