Signs You Have a Wasp Infestation in Kitchener

Signs You Have a Wasp Infestation in Kitchener

Wasps are capable and determined creatures, and when they nest in a specific place, it is evident because of the increase in activity. They can chew through wood and many materials in your home, enabling them to establish nests in residential areas. If you have a wasp nest or suspect one near your home, contact wasp pest control in Kitchener.

The good news is that wasps only use a nest for one year or season. The bad news is wasps are defensive insects and prone to stinging, which is lethal for some people because it can cause anaphylactic shock. Discover the signs and symptoms of wasp infestations to protect your family. 

Wasp Infestation Signs and Symptoms

Wasps are yellow and black with a somewhat shiny body. They have six legs, three body sections, and two sets of wings. Unlike bees, wasps can sting multiple times without losing their stingers. A wasp sting injects venom into the victim, and if stung enough times, people can become allergic.

Keeping wasps off your property is crucial to keeping your family and even your pets safe. Knowing how to identify a wasp is only part of the solution; the other part is understanding how to identify nesting sites and safely remove or eliminate them. Knowing the four signs and symptoms of wasp infestations can help.

1. You Notice Wasp Activity Increases

Wasps are active in the warmer seasons, think spring and summer. Humans have a natural aversion to insects, so people tend to notice when they are around.

While it is normal to see a few wasps in a season, if you notice many flying around your property, that is a sign of a nearby nest and a possible infestation. The nests typically sit somewhere secluded and near a source of wood. Take a cautious look around the exterior of your home to see if a nest is visible.

2. You See a Wasp Nest

When examining the exterior of your property, look under eaves or around ladders left outside. The insects also like garages, sheds, bird boxes, and cracks in walls.

The nests are distinctive. Most nests are lighter in colour, typically gray-brown. The substance of the structure looks like paper and might resemble a paper lantern. The nests usually have a single hole in the bottom for entry and exit.

If you find a wasp nest, do not get too close; the insects will attack if you do. Call a residential pest control service like Truly Nolen immediately to determine if the nest is active or abandoned.

3. You Notice Wasps Coming and Going From the Same Spot

Unfortunately, all wasp nests are not out in the open. Wasps can establish a nest in your walls or attic space; the only indication will be the comings and goings from one specific area.

The line of wasps may not be substantial, but if you see a steady trickle of insects entering and exiting your property from one specific location, it is a sign of a nest. Also, if the bugs get a little curious and start inspecting screens of open windows, or if you hear a strange buzzing from a specific location in your home, you likely have a nest and infestation.

4. You See Wasps in Your Home

The final symptom of a wasp nest in or around your property is the presence of wasps in your house. To see an occasional wasp might be nothing, but to see multiple wasps or find several in your home throughout the week indicates a problem. Do not hesitate to call on residential pest control services and protect your family.

Professional Wasp Control Services in Kitchener

If there is evidence of wasps nesting on your property, you do not want to wait to resolve the matter. Wasps can be dangerous, destructive, and lethal. Contact Truly Nolen Canada to schedule a inspection.