Why You Should Have Carpenter Ants Removed From Your Kitchener Home

Why You Should Have Carpenter Ants Removed From Your Kitchener Home

Although carpenter ants are often barely noticeable because they live deep inside the recesses of houses, digging elaborate tunnels through wooden structures, they are not good roommates. You don’t want to let them live freely in your house because they can cause massive amounts of damage to the structure of your home. Getting rid of carpenter ants is not easy because they often have several satellite nests in addition to the main colony. Calling a professional for carpenter ant pest control in Kitchener is best for getting the insects out of your home. Here’s everything you need to know about when and why you should take quick action to remove carpenter ants from your home.

Signs of a Carpenter Ant Infestation

Because carpenter ants live inside the walls of your home, you may not know you are dealing with an infestation until the pests have caused significant damage. However, look for the following signs and you may discover the presence of carpenter ants before a lot of extensive damage occurs:

  • Scout ants: 

    Carpenter ants don’t trail like other species, but you may see single insects in your kitchen looking for food for the colony.

  • Swarming ants: 

    When reproductive carpenter ants get ready to mate, they leave the nest in swarms, ready to start new colonies. This often happens at night in the warm months of May and June.

  • Frass: 

    Carpenter ants don’t eat the wood they chew through, instead depositing small piles of shavings known as frass around their tunnels

  • Chewing noises: 

    When the house is quiet, you may hear the insects chewing through your walls.

Reasons To Remove Carpenter Ants

Once you see signs of carpenter ants in your home, you must take immediate action to protect your investment. If you don’t contact a professional for carpenter ant control, the pests can wreak havoc in your home in several ways.

They Cause Damage

The biggest risk of having carpenter ants in your home is the damage they can cause. The pests chew through any wooden structure, so they significantly weaken the structure of your house, leading to extensive damage that costs thousands of dollars to repair. They can also damage wooden furniture in your home,

Additionally, carpenter ants sometimes tunnel through dead trees, so if you have one near your house and don’t take measures to keep carpenter ants away, they could cause the tree to fall on your house. It’s best to treat every wooden structure on your property to keep your home safe from carpenter ants.

They Spread Disease

Carpenters ants may be less likely to carry dangerous diseases than rodents, but they can still spread illnesses if left untreated. Most of these illnesses are food-borne diseases such as E. coli and salmonella.

They Raid Your Food Supply

Carpenter ants often eat other insects they find in your home, but just like any other ant species, they also feast on human crumbs. They may raid your kitchen for scraps of food that aren’t cleaned up promptly. They can also infiltrate food packages that aren’t secured properly. Once they discover an easy source of food, they are unlikely to leave. You may end up with a ruined food supply if you don’t have carpenter ants removed from your home

Contact Truly Nolen for Carpenter Ant Removal

For residents of Kitchener, Truly Nolen Canada offers home pest control services. We know how to recognize the signs of a carpenter ant infestation, and we have the experience necessary to locate every nest in your house so we can completely get rid of the colony. If you need residential pest control for carpenter ants, contact us today to schedule an appointment.