4 Signs of a Spider Infestation in Markham

4 Signs of a Spider Infestation in Markham

Even if you are not an arachnophobe, seeing spiders in your home is unsettling enough to consider hiring a service for professional spider removal. Guests, children and pets may all be put-off by spiders’ presence. Some spiders help us by eating mosquitos and other insects, but others are just a nuisance. Poisonous spiders, of course, should be avoided and dealt with immediately. A few signs of spider infestation include seeing more of them than usual, finding egg sacs, seeing webs and the presence of more moisture in your home.

1. Seeing More Spiders Than Usual

It is fairly common to see one or two spiders inside your home every now and then. They usually like to stay in corners of the walls and ceiling, underneath cabinets and in dark areas. Spiders are usually more afraid of us than we are of them. If you have recently seen several spiders each day, or an increasing number, it might be time to call for professional pest control in Markham. It is likely that an egg sac has hatched.

2. Finding Egg Sacs

Female spiders lay hundreds of eggs at once. This is an evolutionary imperative that makes sure that their tiny species can survive in the face of their many predators. In open nature, this does not affect humans, but inside your home, it is a different story. After the eggs are laid, they are encapsulated in small egg sacs. One spider egg is impossible to see with the naked eye, but the silken egg sacs are relatively easy to spot. If you see an egg sac, call a professional who can investigate the full extent of your spider problem.

3. Seeing Webs

Spiders often build webs but hide somewhere else. They are hoping to trap bugs and flying insects, but if they hang out in their webs all the time, they are more vulnerable to predators. This is why you may not see a spider, but the web is very much an indicator that the spider is alive in your house. If you notice different types of webs, there may be more than one species of spider in your home. It is easy enough to knock down the web or use a vacuum wand to remove it, but a new web will probably appear in its place. A specialist will be able to get to the root of the problem and work toward permanent spider removal.

4. More Moisture in Your Home

When the weather changes from summer to autumn with an increase in rain and snow, our homes become more humid. Spiders like this climate. They are always comfortable in dark, moist basements and cellars. But as the inside of your home becomes damper, more spiders will travel into your living spaces.

The corners of the foundation along the first floor of your home are likely to attract spiders, near where the ground stays wet. They are also likely to find comfort in stairwells going down to lower levels. Finally, garages tend to hold more moisture in the fall and winter due to their lack of insulation when compared with the rest of the house. If you see spiders there, take care of them quickly so they don’t move inside the home.

Make a Plan for Spider Removal With Truly Nolen

Trust Truly Nolen to fully inspect your home for evidence of a spider infestation. Our trained technicians will not only look for webs, egg sacs and spiders, but they will also look for other insects that spiders may be eating, which causes them to stick around. Reach out to us via email or phone to get the process started.