Keeping Mice Away During Barbeque Season

Keeping Mice Away During Barbeque Season 1

It’s finally summer, and for many people, that means entertaining friends, family members and neighbours. Summer barbeques and garden parties can be a great way to get together with people you care about and have a good time with. One type of guest you want to keep away from your next outdoor gathering is the common household pest, the mouse. Truly Nolen Canada specializes in pest control services such as mice removal to prevent your summer parties from attracting bugs and rodents. Find out how to make sure you don’t get uninvited pests inside of your home this summer.

Mice and the Warmer Weather  

A mouse infestation can be a problem any time of the year, but in the summer, some homeowners may see more issues with these rodents. The warm temperatures give mice the perfect opportunity to look for new spots to nest, pair up with each other and breed and seek out better food sources, such as your home. In the colder seasons, they may bunker down and stay in one place, but once the weather gets nicer, they are on the move.

When people start having outdoor barbeque parties and other gatherings on their deck or patio, they may be inadvertently attracting rodents or other pests to their homes. Bringing a lot of food items outside on the deck or patio and leaving food out for a long period of time draws in potential pests like mice. If you leave behind crumbs from your meal spread or grease on your grill, this could also be attracting mice. All these are possible thanks to their keen sense of smell

Stop Mice From Moving In

It’s important to be extra vigilant during the summer so you don’t have any rodents trying to come inside your home for a meal. When you have parties or meals on your deck or patio, don’t leave food out for too long. Clean up any crumbs or stains immediately and remove dirty plates, cups and silverware as soon as possible. Regularly clean off your grill or other outdoor cooking spaces to keep bugs and rodents out.

Also, make sure other parts of your property aren’t food sources for pests or rodents. If you have fruit trees or a vegetable garden, be sure to pick any produce quickly once it’s ripe. Don’t leave rotten fruit or vegetables out in the garden to attract animals. Trim any overgrown bushes or foliage to prevent mice from finding a secure hiding spot in your yard. Avoid storing pet food outside and make sure your trash is kept in solid, secure garbage cans that mice or rats can’t chew into.

Pest Control Services for Residents

Your home may still end up attracting mice at some point during the summer, so it’s important to know what to do if you think you have an infestation. Recognize the signs of mouse activity in your home and be ready to contact the professionals for pest control services instead of tackling the problem of mice removal on your own.

Mice are typically skittish around humans, but there are usually clues that they leave behind when they get inside a home. They are most active at night, so you may hear scratching or skittering around in your kitchen, attic or basement. There may also be an unpleasant, musty smell they leave behind from their urine and droppings.

A mouse infestation also may be evident if you see small, dark droppings inside of your kitchen drawers or cabinets. In some cases, you may even spot a mouse dash across the floor into a hiding spot. If you think you have mice, Truly Nolen Canada can help. We start with a complete inspection and then create a plan to remove them.

Don’t let mice ruin your summer social calendar and plans for outdoor parties. Contact the experts at Truly Nolen Canada for effective pest control services or mouse control.