Common Ways Spiders Get Into Milton Homes

Common Ways Spiders Get Into Milton Homes

When it comes to invasive pests, few are as enterprising and clever as spiders. While most species in Ontario pose little threat to humans, some larger ones can inflict painful bites on people and pets, and encountering their webs or egg sacs indoors is usually an unpleasant experience. At Truly Nolen, we can handle spider control in Milton and offer you several helpful tips when it comes to how spiders get inside and what you can do to prevent it. 

1. Window Cracks and Torn Screens 

Many smaller species of Ontario spiders can squeeze through cracks in window frames to enter your home or slip under gaps if a window is not hung properly. They can also find their way in via torn screens, even in the case of small tears you might not notice. 

Checking your windows and screens each spring before opening the windows can help prevent spiders from inviting themselves in. Use a handheld vacuum to clean your windows’ tracks to ensure no hidden specimens or egg sacs hide there. 

2. Door Gaps 

If you have a sudden influx of spiders, particularly larger species, your home’s doors may be to blame. Check for any gaps in the threshold where spiders can wander inside off your patio or porch. You can prevent this by double-checking for gaps around any door, particularly those that lead to an attached garage or mud room where spiders may wait to find a way in. Attaching door sweeps can also help create a tighter seal. 

Older doors in your home may not shut as tightly as they once did. As they age, they might become loose and create gaps for spiders to squeeze through. 

3. Pipes and HVAC Ducts 

Spiders have little fear of exploration, especially when they find dark, moist spaces like water pipes or moist HVAC ducts. They may even make webs at the entrance to outdoor pipes when they can, so covering these with fitted material may deter spiders from finding their way in. You can also monitor the outdoor condenser of your AC unit to ensure no spiders are setting up shop there. 

4. They Hitch a Ride Indoors 

Spiders can find their way into your home when you travel. They may hide in suitcases, clothing, shoes and inside items you buy from garage sales or secondhand stores. While wandering species of spiders can travel considerable distances on their own, they have no trouble travelling with you, completely hidden away. You can always double-check the items you buy to avoid bringing home an unwanted house guest who may make many more inside your home. 

5. Foundation Cracks and Gaps 

If your spider problem began in the cellar, you may want to check your home’s foundation. Even small cracks can allow spiders in and allow them to multiply in your cellar. Once they get inside, they may infest any stored items you keep there. This can be an unpleasant surprise later on. 

Since moisture attracts spiders, ensure that your basement is dry and clean to prevent this issue. Invest in a sump pump if your home does not have one to prevent moisture issues floods may leave behind. 

Let Truly Nolen Help You With Residential Pest Control 

Keeping spiders away from your Milton home requires experience and the right tools, both of which our pest technicians will employ when they visit your home. They can build a treatment barrier around your home, seal gaps and cracks and provide you with a variety of options for future spider control. With proper maintenance, your home can remain spider free. 

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