Milton Pest Control: Do Spiders Like Damp Weather?

Do Spiders Like Damp Weather_

Spiders may be synonymous with Halloween for many people — but in your home, you may associate them with damp weather. Why are so many spiders skittering across your floors in the evening, hiding in your laundry basket, and popping out of your cabinets? If you’re fed up with the number of spiders in your home, you may wonder if you’re doing something to cause the infestation. You’re probably not. There are a few reasons that large spider populations seem to appear out of thin air in damp, cold weather, which we will discuss in more detail below. Get in touch with us for more information and for high-quality residential pest control in Milton as soon as possible.

3 Things That Attract Spiders to Your Home

Different types of spiders are attracted to different areas of your home. Most spiders, when given the choice, will seek out warmth and a potential food source rather than staying outside in the fall and winter. Learn more about why you may be seeing more spiders during this time of year below.

1. Damp Places and High Humidity

Certain types of spiders enjoy damp areas and high humidity while others prefer dry spaces. While the spiders you find in your basement or bathroom may not be seeking moisture, they might be trying to catch and eat the bugs that are.

2. Warmth

When the seasons change, the spiders know. Cold weather overnight may drive up the number of spiders inside your home as they come in from the cold to seek warmth and food — just like you. Remember, not all spiders spin webs to catch their prey. Some walk on the ground as they look for smaller bugs to hunt and eat.

3. Sources of Food

Regardless of whether you’ve noticed fuzzy wolf spiders scampering across your hardwood floors or tiny, barely-noticeable spiders sitting in webs just out of your reach, they’re all in search of one thing: A steady food supply. Spiders may come inside during damp, colder weather while the outside population of bugs wanes and they know they can find dinner in your cozy, warm house.

Spider Pest Removal: Is It Safe to DIY?

If the spiders in your home are poisonous specimens such as black widows or brown recluses, it’s crucial to call a licensed pest control company immediately. A bite from a poisonous spider can cause a painful welt on your skin and send you right to the hospital. If you’re not sure if your resident spiders are poisonous, do not attempt to touch them or remove them by yourself! Fortunately, most house spiders are not dangerous to humans — but they are a nuisance.

Smashing a spider with a shoe or gently putting it outside may rid you of your immediate problem, but you might have too many spiders to evacuate by yourself. Cleaning your home, including dusting corners and crevices on a regular basis, is a great option for prevention, but simply maintaining your home isn’t a substitute for professional pest control. Use caution when shopping: Antique or second-hand furniture can function as spider hotels and nurseries! Older houses may pose a more serious problem when it comes to pest control as the cracks and other points of entrance may not be sealed effectively.

Get In Touch With Truly Nolen for Residential Pest Control in Milton

If your house’s spider problem has gotten out of hand, it’s time to call in the professionals. Truly Nolen’s Four Season approach is an ideal choice for protecting your home from pests year-round. Contact us as soon as possible to explain your problem in detail and we’ll discuss what treatments or services you may need to restore your home to order. Schedule your inspection today!