Milton Pest Removal: 3 Interesting Facts About Carpenter Ants

3 Interesting Facts About Carpenter Ants!

If you need a carpenter ant removal service in Milton, you likely don’t care about how fascinating the insects are. Of greater concern are the risks to your property and the safety of your family.

Carpenter ants are among the most destructive pests on the planet, burrowing through structural beams in your home to build and establish colonies. Contacting a pest control specialist as early as possible is crucial to minimize damage and risks.

3 Facts About Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are notoriously difficult to get rid of. The queen of a colony organizes the other ants and establishes several satellite colonies. As with other species, if you can remove or eliminate the queen, the rest will leave. Unfortunately, queen carpenter ants are excellent hiders and can live up to 25 years. Besides being hard to eliminate and a queen living a long life, there are several other interesting facts about this species of ants.

1. They Are Clean Creatures

Carpenter ants are among the cleanest ant species. Many people find the cleanliness of colonies hard to believe because the insects live inside wood structures, and they’re bugs.

Despite the challenges of keeping a colony clean, carpenter ants are excellent housekeepers. The ants do not permit decayed or decaying food within the colony and remove any remnants to ensure a clean home. They will also remove deceased ants. Finally, they can create a disinfectant from resin they use throughout the colony to keep it and its members healthy.

While the insects are clean, they are still destructive. You do not want a colony expanding throughout your home, even if it is sanitary.

2. They Only Bite in Self Defense

Carpenter ants are relatively large insects, and their bite packs a wallop. Thankfully, it is not common for the species to bite humans unless they feel threatened. The species is extremely protective of its colony and will not hesitate to bite if you pose a threat to it or its home.

The ant bite is more painful than other ant or insect bites because of its size. It is also worse because of a defensive chemical: formic acid. The acid accentuates the sting and pain of the bite.

Hiring a pest control service to deal with carpenter ant infestations is best. Some people are allergic to formic acid and may experience significant and severe side effects from a bite, but it’s rare.

3. They Chew But Don’t Eat Wood

One of the many fascinating facts about carpenter ants is they do not eat wood. Because of the name, many people assume the ants consume wood to create their tunnels and colonies, but no. The ants chew wood and move it out of the colony.

An experienced pest control professional can often spot small piles of sawdust outside of entry points. Finding these small piles is one surefire way to prove the existence of an infestation. Professional services may also use other methods to identify risks and other signs of infestations.

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