Why Is A Spider Infestation Bad For Your Business In Milton?

Why Is A Spider Infestation Bad For Your Business

Your Milton business is likely a major investment for you, and when spiders decide to move into your building, it can pose a threat to the future of your business. While spiders are beneficial in their natural habitat, they can cause a variety of problems when they invade spaces where people work or shop. If you find these eight-legged guests have moved in and taken hold, we at Truly Nolen can assist you with spider removal and commercial pest control in Milton, as well as the potential harm spiders can do to your business. 

1. Negative Business Reputation

Mobile technology allows customers to post their reviews of your business from almost anywhere, and when they see spiders in your restrooms, a dining area or near merchandise, they are likely to post negative reviews for all to see. People who fear any kind of spider may stay away once they see these reviews, which can have an impact on your sales. 

Some customers who see spiders at your Milton business may equate their presence with dirty or dusty surroundings and mention this in a review. Once your business gains a reputation for poor cleaning practices, it may be difficult to change. Calling us for pest control in Milton can help resolve a spider problem before customers tell others about it. 

2. Infestations Grow Quickly 

While some spider species lay egg sacs in the spring and fall, others reproduce year-round, and this could spell serious trouble for your business. As multiple specimens lay eggs, the resulting young can travel freely through air ducts and fit through cracks and crevices, where they will eventually begin another generation.

Once these infestations take hold, using traps and sprays may only remove a small amount of the population but not the ones that remain in hiding. Our experienced technicians use techniques for spider removal commercial services that target all the arachnids in your building. 

3. Bites May Be Dangerous 

Most species of spiders in Ontario are non-venomous; however, the province is home to the black widow spider, and its bite can cause a serious reaction. These reclusive arachnids usually only bite in self-defence or when surprised. While a single specimen is little cause for concern, an infection at your business could put your employees and customers in danger. 

If you spot a black widow, it could be a sign that more are in the area. Refrain from trying to handle these spiders and call us for assistance in their removal so our technicians can inspect the building for the presence of additional specimens. 

4. Health Code Violations

A pest infestation could impact your profits, especially when the creatures in question may pose a threat to humans. A spider problem might mean a failed health inspection and even the temporary closure of your business while you resolve the issue. If the problem is serious enough, it may result in a fine. 

It is not always easy to know whether you have a few spiders in your commercial building or whether it is a growing infestation. Fortunately, there are a few signs you can watch for. 

When To Call For Help 

A spider infestation in your commercial building may present itself in several ways. You may see an increase in visible live spiders or your employees may suffer from bites. You can check corners and ducts for webbing and egg sacs, which are usually cotton-coloured or beige, and the mother spiders will likely be present to guard them. Calling us for spider removal and commercial pest control in Milton is a good idea, especially if you are unsure of the species invading, as handling any spider may result in a painful bite. 

Why worry about the potential harm spiders can do to your business? Protecting your business, employees and customers from spiders is as simple as contacting us at Truly Nolen today.