Mississauga Pest Removal: What Materials Do Rodents Use to Make Nests?

Mississauga Pest Removal: What Materials Do Rodents Use to Make Nests?

Just like humans, mice “nest” while preparing to bring a litter into the world. Are they nesting in your home? If so, you’ll find signs such as mouse droppings in or around the attic. You might notice urine stains on the structure of your home. You may hear the mice scurrying around, and you might even see one once in a while. Upon the first signs of mice in your home, you’ll want to contact rodent removal professionals.

Handling your rodent problem right away is essential to keeping your home in good shape and the mice under control. If you ignore the signs you’ve noticed, a female mouse will have a litter. That litter will eventually reproduce and the multiplication of rodents will take over your home, leaving damage in its wake. You can also strive for prevention. How? By cleaning up your spaces and making sure there’s nothing sitting around that the mice can use to make nests.

Materials a Rodent Might Use To Make a Nest

A mouse will use many items and materials in and around your home to create a nest that requires professional rat removal. These materials might not send off the alarms at first, but once you know what they are, you’ll understand why it’s important to keep them cleaned up.

  • Paper – Rodents often use paper products inside your home to create their nests. Paper is a great material that feels soft when piled up, and will soak up their urine to keep them dry. There is usually a lot of paper materials in a home, so it’s a readily available material they can nibble off. If your stack of bills starts to look ragged, it might be because of a mouse.
  • Furniture Stuffing – What is softer than the stuffing in your furniture? Mice understand that, too, and will chew a hole in your sofa or chair, just to get the stuffing out. Even with quality pieces, a mouse can gnaw her way through. If you notice unexplained rips or tears, it might be time to try pest control services in Mississauga.
  • Cloth – Think about all of the cloth around your home. Your bed linens, your clothing, your bath towels, and your table runners are all made of different types of cloth. Mice love that! The cloth is soft and it’s all over the place. If a mouse can nibble off the edge of a towel or the hem of a shirt, that becomes a great nest.

Ways You Can Prevent Mice From Nesting in the Home

Though mice have minds of their own and you can’t always prevent an infestation requiring rodent removal services, there are some things you can do to make an infestation unlikely. Because you know that paper, furniture stuffing, and cloth are great materials for a mouse to nest with, you can start there:

  • Put things away. When your child is done with homework, or you’ve gone through the mail, throw out the extra papers. Keep clothing off the floor and inside drawers or on hangers. Fold your linens when they’re clean and keep them inside sealed plastic boxes.
  • Repair torn or broken items. If your couch has a rip, repair it as soon as possible. If you notice a torn curtain, cut off the tear and sew it up. If your slippers are worn out, fix the holes or throw them away.

Contact Us Today for Rodent Removal Services

Even if you do everything right, you might notice mouse droppings. If so, do not try to handle the issue on your own. Mice carry diseases and cause damage that should only be handled by professionals. If you didn’t discover a mouse infestation until it was too late, contact Truly Nolen Canada today for professional mice removal services.