Things You May Be Doing That Is Attracting Spiders To Your Mississauga Home

Things You May Be Doing That Is Attracting Spiders To Your Mississauga Home

Many people dislike spiders and don’t want to have them in their homes. If you are unintentionally doing things that attract other types of insects to your home, you are also attracting spiders because they feast on bugs. If you want to make your home less hospitable to spiders, you should start by learning what makes your home a prime environment for insects so that you can avoid these habits. Here are four things that make your home appealing to insects and attract spiders.

1. Having Dampness/Humidity in Your Home

Most types of bugs thrive in damp environments. This means that cellars, attics and basements are prime environments for many types of insects that spiders eat. Arachnids are more likely to weave webs in these areas where insects are abundant.

You can reduce the dampness in your home by leaving your doors and windows open for a few hours each day. When the weather is not fit for this habit, use extractor fans on areas of your home that are more prone to dampness. If you can reduce the moisture in your home, you can make your house less hospitable to insects and less attractive to spiders.

2. Leaving On Bright Lights

You probably find a lot of spider webs around light fixtures in your home or on your front porch. This happens because many flying insects are attracted to bright lights when it is dark outside. Spiders set up their webs in places where they can catch flying insects easily. By leaving on bright lights constantly, you are attracting insects and making it easy for spiders to find a quick meal.

You can solve this problem easily by turning off your lights whenever possible. This is especially important for front porch lights that you may leave on all night. Cut them off to reduce the number of flying insects they attract. Without bugs to feast on, spiders are less likely to take up residence in your home.

3. Having Plants

Almost all insects are herbivores and feast on plants for sustenance. Having an abundance of plants in your yard creates a prime environment for spiders to eat because there are a lot of insects around. Having live plants inside your home invites arachnids and other insects in. You may find spider webs inside houseplants because insects are abundant.

It may help to wipe down all of your houseplants on a regular basis. Inspect them thoroughly for spiders and remove any webs. Cutting down on the number of plants in your yard can also help keep spiders out of your home. 

4. Leaving Trash Cans Open

Flies are one of the most common insects that spiders eat. Flies are attracted to garbage, so leaving your trash can open is a good way to attract insects. In turn, this habit attracts spiders. You can make your home less appealing to flies by keeping your trash can lid closed at all times.

How To Get Rid of Spiders in Your Home

The best way to get rid of spiders is to prevent them from entering your home in the first place. You can make your home a less hospitable environment for spiders by changing a few of your daily habits, but if you still find yourself living with arachnids, you may need professional help to get rid of them. Truly Nolen Canada is here to help with spider removal in Mississauga.

We have a staff of experienced technicians who have the tools and knowledge to get rid of all of the spiders in your home. We’ll make sure we get the entire family of spiders so you don’t have to worry about having an arachnid as a roommate. If you’re worried about having a spider in your home, contact us today to schedule an appointment for arachnid removal.