4 Common Pests You May Find Inside This Winter in Niagara

With winter fast approaching and the temperature dropping below freezing, the time to move your activities indoors has never been more inviting. Unfortunately, the same can be said for a few familiar and unwelcome pests. Ants, spiders, rodents, and cockroaches are the four main house breaking culprits and can be responsible for a whole heap of damage and unexpected household disasters. These four pests have the power to wreak absolute havoc on your health and your home during the winter season, as they too scurry around in search of food, water, and a little bit of warmth to get them through the winter cold spell. And that is just one of the reasons why professional pest control services in Niagara is a premium at this time of the year.

Spreading disease and carrying with them their unpleasant odour, these critters have the innate ability to contaminate areas inside the home, and greatly increase the risk of exposure to your loved ones. Making use of Truly Nolen’s professional pest control technicians are going to be your best defence against any possible pest invasion. Let’s take a look at the top four pest invaders, and some of the tell-tale signs of an infestation you should be aware of.


After the summer’s endless supply of food, spiders seek a warmer place with greater abundance than the outdoors, to make their winter homes and find a mate. Now most spiders that can be found in and around the home are harmless to humans, there after a few species that can pose a real threat, especially to your pets and small children. With this being said, if you do happen to find a rather large spider population making their nests in your home, it may be a sign of a bigger pest problem that you have not yet discovered. This may include flies, ants, and woodlice.

Signs of an infestation – sightings of spiders and their webs.


Foraging for food, ants enter your home through even the tiniest of spaces, making them difficult to detect, and a few can turn into thousands in no time at all. Of the ant species in Canada, the pavement ant is the most common and is found nesting under the soil, gaining access to your home through the weep holes, expansion joints, waste pipes, and minute cracks in your foundation. Although these ants do not cause structural damage to your property, they can become a real pain once they start raiding your home, and taking over your kitchen cabinets.

Signs of an infestation – spotting numerous ants, and finding small deposits of dirt in and around the house.


Cockroaches must be one of the nastiest insects around, and the bad news is, they can survive freezing temperatures. During winter they like to seek shelter and refuge as close as possible to humans as they can, and keeping them away is more than just a challenge. Feeding on anything organic, they are able to make their way through the smallest of gaps and is one of pest control in Niagara’s biggest challenges. They are near-impossible to eliminate without the help of a Truly Nolen professional.

Signs of an infestation – musty smell, feces resembling coffee ground or black pepper, shed skins, and cockroach sightings.


Rodents are a major proponent for disease spreading and have the ability to cause you some serious property damage. Squeezing through small holes and making their own, their gnawing teeth are able to chew through electrical wires and furniture, leaving their urine and poop traces everywhere they go. Theses droppings and urine puddles are ideal for salmonella and other infectious diseases.

Signs of an infestation – teeth markings and a urine smell, fur left lying around and chewed wires.

Keeping these pests out is essential to living a happy and healthy life, and with Truly Nolen pest control professionals by your side, pest control in Niagara will never be easier.