Don’t Let Bed Bugs Keep Tourists Away From Your Niagara Hotel

Summer brings increased demand for hotel accommodation, hence higher profits. It also brings increased human traffic across residential properties like hotels and motels, which increases the risks of bed bug infestations. With more people circulating commercial properties, more food is used in the kitchens, which become a comfy home for bugs. Bedrooms become more wet and saturated with human organic matter due to increased temperatures. All of these conditions attract bed bugs, which can easily rise in numbers. They can cause a genuine property infestation, which calls for the intervention of pest control services in Niagara region.

Why Bed Bugs Spread Through Hotels so Easily?

Motels and hotels are places in which there’s a high number of guests transiting through rooms. Visitors bring the bugs via clothes and luggage, which is how they get inside the hotel. Once the bugs have inhabited a room, they’ll nest inside the pipes and drains, laying ten or more eggs each day. Bed bugs also spread through electric and plumbing installation, passing through even the smallest of holes. It’s not hard to imagine how a couple of bugs inside a hotel can easily turn into an infestation.

Prevention is the Most Important Step

Once bedbugs over-populate a residential property, they are require a complete extermination. Since the size of the properties makes it hard to act across the estate with the same intensity, the removal process can take much longer than it would be the case with regular homes. It is a lot easier for a residential property manager to work with Niagara’s pest control company on preventing infestations than to handle complaints and refund requests, as well as business delay due to pest removal.

Ideally, bedbugs are avoided by keeping the property clean and sanitary at all times. Cleaning and proper sanitation are the best ways to avoid bed bug problems. These conditions require staff training and property pest infestation prevention protocols. Timely response to the discovery of bugs is also important to avoid complications and for removal to go faster.

Remember, the longer the bedbug infestation remains undetected and unhandled, the longer it will take for a pest control company in Niagara region to exterminate the pest. The infestation might drive the visitors away, resulting in smaller profits during the summer seasons. It could also lead to an increased number of guest complaints, which often demand discounts and refunds. All of these problems can bring monetary damage to a business, which only increases the costs of the removal.

Truly Nolen Niagara provides monthly plans for prevention and removal of bugs from commercial properties, using advanced technologies to aid businesses.

How Truly Nolen Niagara Handles Residential Bed Bug Infestations

Truly Nolen employs a vast number of effective strategies for preventing residential bed bug infestations. We work with property managers by providing them with necessary supplies and tools for keeping bug population in check. The use of prevention methods, appropriate preparation of the units for pest removal, and the removal process itself is a job best done by qualified pest control companies in Niagara region.