Niagara Pest Control: Common Bed Bug Myths

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Bed bugs have made a comeback in Niagara and they’re looking to hitchhike their way into our homes. These pests are a nuisance to deal with, yet their growth indicates how little people understand about them and their behaviours. To help you keep your home pest-free, let’s explore some common myths regarding them so you know what you’re up against. 

Myth # 1 – Bed Bugs Can Only Be Seen Under A Microscope

While there are bugs and organisms which can’t be seen by the naked eye, bed bugs aren’t one of them. In fact, they’re pretty easy to spot with their pint-sized exterior that stands out with its dark reddish-brown color. An adult bugs range between 5-7mm and even their translucent eggs which are only 1 mm in size can be identified. The bugs tend to be in groups thereby making them fairly easy to spot with your eyes. 

Myth # 2 – Bites Equal Bed Bugs

 While bed bugs have seen a rise in Niagara, it’s not necessary to call pest control if you’ve woken up with a bug bite. There’s a bit to unpack in this one. Don’t be fooled by the name, these bugs don’t need your bed and don’t just come out during nighttime. These insects will find any way to get to you, so your furniture and clothing are all acceptable options for them. 

These bugs will bite you in whichever location they can and there’s no set pattern to them. That being said, there’s another popular misconception regarding their bite, which is that there needs to be one in the first place. It’s possible there’s no physical evidence of a bite on your body, but you should still be aware of other signs; for example, finding eggs, moults or brown fecal matter accompanied by a sweet musty odor. 

Myth # 3 – They Are Attracted to Unsanitary Environments

Don’t beat yourself up if you happen to find a bug lurking in your home. These bugs aren’t looking for an unclean environment to reside in. They feed on blood which means they would pick an area close to humans so a clean or dirty environment is of little concern to them. That said, it does make a difference in your ability to spot the bugs in time before an infestation happens. A clutter will help them hide easily; so, as a good measure, it’s always good to tidy up. 

Myth # 4 – Bed Bugs Spread Disease

Unpleasant as they are, bed bugs aren’t the disease-carrying kind of bugs. Some individuals may have an infection or reaction from the bite, but the real sinister harm these bugs cause is mental. There is a real psychological effect from the anxiety these bugs can cause which leads to sleeplessness, emotional distress and stress. 

Myth # 5 – You Can Use At-Home Treatment to Eliminate Them

Unfortunately, bed bugs cannot be treated using DIY or over-the-counter solution. These pests are evasive and have developed a resistance to pesticides previously used as store-bought solutions. To prevent a spread of the infestation, pest control companies are your best bet to eliminate these pesky insects and their off-springs from your home. 

Bed bugs are common pests for households to deal with; but unlike other pests, homeowners can develop lasting psychological issues from the emotional distress they receive. Therefore, if you’re experiencing unexplained bites or have seen a bug within your home, it’s time to bring in the professionals. Truly Nolen offers pest control solutions to rid bed bugs in Niagara through our trained technicians and state of the art technology. Visit us for consultation and our specialists will be there to help you devise an effective treatment plan for you and your family.