Niagara Pest Control: Common Myths About Carpenter Ants Debunked

Niagara Pest Control: Common Myths About Carpenter Ants Debunked

Carpenter ants are wood-destroying insects. Call carpenter ant pest control in Niagara immediately if you have an ant infestation. Many people underestimate the importance of quick remediation; they hear myths about ants and may believe the insects are less of a threat than they are.

The opposite is also true. Some people react to carpenter ant sightings near their homes with unnecessary urgency because they fear the imminent destruction of their houses. While quick action is necessary to prevent infestation and damage, it is also essential for homeowners to understand the reality of the insects and what their presence means.

Carpenter Ant Pest Control in Niagara Debunk 3 Common Myths

Any insect infestation is perilous to houses; carpenter ant infestations, however, are on another level. The ants burrow through wood framing and support beams, spreading their colony throughout the house. The ants essentially become an invisible population until they become too much of a problem for DIY solutions.

While carpenter ant colonies and satellite colonies may not cause enough damage to collapse a structure, they can weaken it and make it more susceptible to weather damage. Pervasive myths, like inevitable house collapse, spread fear and misinformation, which causes unnecessary panic in homeowners. Reality is scary enough; you don’t need exaggerations. Discover three common myths debunked by carpenter ant pest control in Niagara.

1. Carpenter Ants Eat Wood

Carpenter ants do not eat wood; they chew and burrow through it. The insects are like tiny excavators, removing wood to create a passage and build a home. You might even notice small piles of frass or wood shavings near kick-out holes, which you may find in common areas, such as kitchens or living rooms.

Another pervasive myth is that carpenter ants only chew through moist and damaged wood. While the insects prefer softer wood, they also chew through hard, dry wood. That said, they will gravitate toward wetter areas like under kitchen sinks or windows.

2. Infestations Are Easy To Discover

One of the more problematic myths is that carpenter ant infestations are easy to discover. In truth, while a few apparent signs exist, such as the presence of frass, carpenter ants are challenging to detect.

Unlike other species, carpenter ants may spend more time outdoors searching for food than raiding your pantry. Also, frass can sometimes blend into carpeting or may appear in areas where extra sawdust will go unnoticed. Carpenter ant pest control in Niagara is your best tool for detecting and eliminating infestations.

3. Winged Ants Aren’t Carpenter Ants

Many people believe winged ants are another species of ant, not carpenter ants; they are wrong. Winged ants are the reproductives of carpenter ants.

If you find one winged ant in your home, it possibly flew inside through an open door or window by mistake. If you see multiple winged ants in your home, it is a definitive sign of an infestation.

How To Get Rid of Carpenter Ants: DIY Versus Professional

When a homeowner finds multiple signs of carpenter ants, searching for carpenter ant control near me is crucial. While some homeowners are tempted to use DIY methods to save money, it is a mistake with this particular ant species.

The colonies spread throughout a structure, so treating surface infestations is rarely enough to eliminate the colony and its satellites. Professional services use the proper products to eliminate the problem, and they will monitor activity to ensure successful treatment.

Professional Carpenter Ant Pest Control in Niagara

Myths are persistent in the pest control industry. Homeowners must know the facts to appropriately respond to pests before infestations evolve. If you believe you have an infestation, contact Truly Nolen Canada, your neighbourhood carpenter ant pest control in Niagara.