Niagara Pest Control: How to Pest Proof Your Home

Niagara Pest Control - How to Pest Proof your Home

At times it can seem like no matter what you do, pests find a way into your home. There are so many different types of pests and each one of them needs to be treated differently. With that in mind, the majority of them do have some things in common. No matter the types of pest, each will need food, shelter, and warmth to survive. 

In this post, we’re going to share some advice from the pest control experts on how you can pest-proof your home. By following these steps, you’ll reduce the chances of having a pest enter your home. If, however, you’re currently facing an unwanted pest invasion in your home, don’t hesitate to contact our Truly Nolen team. We’re ready to help in the Niagara area and promise to quickly deal with your pest problem.

The Pest Problem 

The reality is that pests are a huge problem throughout Canada. While some pests are relatively harmless, others can cause expensive and significant damage. Termites and carpenter ants will chew through the structure of your home, searching for food and building nests to expand their colonies. Squirrels and rodents can also have an effect on your walls, piping, and electrical systems. Less noticeable are bed bugs and mosquitoes. Often, they’ll have established a solid base and a large population before you’ll even notice. And we’ve only discussed the damage to your home so far: some pests will put your health at risk too.

Pests can affect any home in any region. That being said, you’ll be at risk of different types of pests in different areas. And if you give them an obvious opportunity to enter your home, they’re almost certainly going to take it.

Proper Prevention 

Prevention is better than a cure. By proofing your home and making it as difficult as possible for pests to gain access to it, your chances of blocking them completely are much higher. These are some of the easiest ways to prevent any pest from getting on to your property.

The first and most obvious step is to keep your home clean. This applies to every area of your home. Do your dishes, wipe down cooking surfaces and remove food crumbs from floors. Dust regularly, keep the floors clean and regularly wash damp areas such as bathrooms. You should never leave dirty laundry lying around and try to keep your things organized by avoiding clutter.

You should be extra careful with food storage. Keep leftover food and food stocks in sealed plastic containers. Be careful not to leave pet food accessible to pests either. This also applies outside the home, be extra vigilant when it comes to storing waste. Don’t leave trash and food waste accessible to pests. Make sure the bins are tightly sealed. And when it comes to the exteriors of your home, be sure to seal any cracks, gaps, and holes as soon as they appear. If you’ve spotted it, then hard-to-remove pests certainly have as well.

How Can Truly Nolen Help?

Follow this advice and you’ll have a good chance of preventing pest infestation. Unfortunately, sometimes even that isn’t enough. If you still spot signs of pest infestation, make sure to call our Truly Nolen team. We’re the experts of pest control in the Niagara area and use advanced techniques to remove your pest problem. 

Our trademark Four Season’s Approach provides an effective year-round solution to all of your pest problems. We use a combination of high-quality materials and advanced applications to ensure that we remove any infestation and leave your home futureproofed even after we’ve left. Call us today to find out how we can help.