Niagara Pest Control: Why We Don’t Feel Bed Bug Bites and How to Detect Them

Niagara Pest Control_ Why We Dont Feel Bed Bug Bites and How to Detect Them

Being a homeowner, one of the last things you want to encounter is a bed bug infestation.

These tiny invaders can turn your peaceful night’s sleep into restless chaos. While they can seem overwhelming, understanding bed bugs — why we often don’t feel their bites, how to spot signs of an infestation, and, importantly, how to get rid of them, can help manage and even prevent these nuisances from turning your home into their breeding ground.

In this blog, we delve into the fascinating yet unnerving world of bed bugs. We’ll discuss why their bites often go unnoticed, what these pint-sized pests actually look like, and tell-tale signs that indicate their presence.

Additionally, we lay out some prudent steps to take when faced with an infestation and shed light on the benefits of hiring a professional pest control service in Niagara. So, whether you’re currently battling these bothersome bugs or want to be prepared, this blog provides a comprehensive guide to dealing with infestations.

Why are Bed Bug Bites Usually Not Felt by People?

Many wonder why they don’t feel a bed bug’s bite despite the annoying red welts that appear on their skin. They are crafty creatures, and their feeding habits reflect that. They feed primarily at night, taking advantage of the human body’s state of restful sleep. Furthermore, with their feeding structure, bed bugs inject an anesthetic into the skin, which makes the biting process painless and nearly undetectable.

Consider it a form of anesthetic magic trick – while you might be familiar with a mosquito’s definite pinch or a spider’s lingering burn, a bed bug’s bite generally goes unnoticed until symptoms start showing, and by then, the bug is long gone. This stealthy method allows them to feed without causing immediate discomfort or disrupting their meal. It’s a clever tactic, isn’t it? But there’s a downside: you may wake up with red, itchy welts without knowing the reason.

What are the Signs of an Infestation in Your Home?

Decoding the mystery of these near-invisible pests starts with recognizing their cryptic characteristics. Bed bugs, or Cimex lectularius, are nail-sized creatures roughly equivalent to an apple seed in size. They have oval and flattened bodies, usually brown, but turn reddish-brown and engorged after consuming blood. While they can’t fly, their quick crawling speed lets them easily skulk around unnoticed.

One key factor complicating detection is their crafty hiding nature. These critters hide during the day, emerging only when it’s peaceful and quiet—usually the late-night hours when you are fast asleep. So, could signs be pointing out their covert presence? Indeed, there are.

Identifying an infestation early is crucial to controlling the spread of these unwelcome guests in your home. Often, the first sign is waking up with skin irritation and wondering why we don’t usually feel the bites. Unlike mosquitoes, bed bugs’ saliva contains an anesthetic that numbs the skin as they feed, making their bites virtually painless. This stealthy nature makes them difficult to detect – until an infestation has occurred.

Detecting these tiny, nocturnal pests can be challenging for the untrained eye. Here are some common signs you should look out for:

  • Bloodstains: These may appear on your sheets or pyjamas, resulting from bed bugs being crushed. These stains often resemble tiny rusty spots, providing a clear sign of a potential infestation. These unsightly markings are usually found on your mattress, bed linens or even on the walls near your bedding area.
  • Dark spots: These are excrements that might be seen on bed linens, mattresses, furniture, walls, or clothes. They can also be found on items close to the bed, such as nightstands or side tables, as they tend to stay close to their food source. Their tiny size, nocturnal habits, and ability to burrow into fabric seams and crevices make them adept at staying undetected for long periods.
  • Foul odour: An infestation often releases an unpleasant, musty scent. This comes from their scent glands. This smell might be more noticeable when infestations become dense or large in numbers. However, due to the uniqueness of this smell, it won’t be easily recognizable unless one has previous experience dealing with bed bugs.
  • Eggshells and Shed Skins: Bed bugs moult and reproduce rapidly, leaving behind eggshells and shed skins. Watch out for these signs in crevices or sheltered areas like mattresses and box springs. These remnants often appear in clusters, serving as a strong indication of their presence and growth in the vicinity.
  • Bite Patterns: Unlike other pests, bed bugs have a distinctive bite pattern. They often bite in a straight line or a slightly zigzag pattern. While the bites are not usually painful, noticing this pattern may suggest their presence. Therefore, regular checks for such patterns on your body, especially after you wake up, can be instrumental in early detection of an infestation.
  • Itchy welts: Appearing in a line or cluster on the skin, these itchy welts might indicate you’ve been bitten. These welts may appear on your body a day or two after the actual bite incident.

Niagara Pest Control_ Why We Dont Feel Bed Bug Bites and How to Detect Them

They often turn red and are characterized by a dark spot at the center of the bump, which sets them apart from other insect bites.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s time for swift action. Ignoring the problem won’t make it go away. It will only get worse. Bed bugs can multiply quickly and a small infestation can turn into a full-blown problem in a matter of weeks.

What Steps Should Homeowners Take When They Discover Bed Bugs in Their House?

Discovering bed bugs in your home can be a nerve-wracking experience, but taking prompt action is key to controlling the situation. It’s important not to panic – instead, follow these essential steps:

  • Identify the Bug: Bed bugs are small, brownish insects that feed on human or animal blood. Although they may seem invisible due to their small size, a closer look can help confirm their existence. It’s crucial to make sure that what you found is indeed a bed bug and not any other insect.
  • Inspect Bedding and Furniture: They are primarily nocturnal and usually hide close to where humans sleep. Have a careful look at box springs, mattresses, bed frames, and nightstands. They may hide in cracks or under the loose fabric of furniture.
  • Limit Their Spread: Once you have identified a problem, it’s essential to prevent them from spreading elsewhere in your home. This includes avoiding moving items from the previously infected area to other parts of the house, and sealing off the affected room if possible.
  • Clean Infested Zone: Start by cleaning up all the infested spaces. Vacuum thoroughly and dispose of the used vacuum bag promptly. Wash all bedding and clothing in hot water and put them in a dryer on high heat for 30 minutes.
  • Use Control Measures: One can utilize various pest control methods such as using sprays or dusts. However, these measures often require precision and knowledge, which a homeowner might not possess. It is then recommended that you contact a professional pest control service.

Although these steps can help manage a bed bug problem, they rarely eliminate these pests completely. The truth is, that DIY methods may provide temporary relief while letting the issue fester for longer.

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Niagara Pest Control Company?

Embarking on a do-it-yourself journey with bed bugs often seems like a viable option. However, the complexity of dealing with these pests should not be underestimated. Understanding the benefits that come with hiring a professional treatment service can help make this decision much easier and more cost-effective.

  • Efficiency: Bed bugs reproduce at an exceedingly fast rate, with females laying hundreds of eggs throughout their lifetime. Any missed bugs or eggs can lead to a re-infestation. With our rigorous and systematic approach, we ensure that every nook and cranny of your home gets attended to, leaving no room for resurgence.
  • Knowledge and Expertise: Our team has extensive knowledge about bed bugs’ nature, their hiding places, and their life cycle. This expertise is critical in formulating the most effective strategy to eliminate them from your premises.
  • Niagara-Based: Being a local company, we understand Niagara’s unique climate and urban layout which influence pest behaviour and distribution. This helps in providing a rapid response to your calls and creating a targeted approach towards their eradication.
  • Reduced Risk: Improper use of pesticides can lead to more harm than good, potentially making your home unsafe. Our specialists use specifically designed tools and follow strict safety protocols, ensuring that your family and pets are not exposed to harmful chemicals.

Why Seek a Bed Bug Professional Treatment in Niagara?

If you’ve found signs of bed bugs in your home, there’s no better solution than contacting a specialist, and for residents, our bed bug professional treatment is here to help. Comprehensive treatment not only removes the present infestation but also helps in preventing future ones—something that typical do-it-yourself methods can’t guarantee.

Here at Truly Nolen Canada, we provide comprehensive pest control that not only eliminates these microscopic invaders but also ensures they don’t make a return trip. Our science-based solutions combined with years of experience make us the ideal candidates for sending them packing and restoring your home’s safe, comfortable environment.
Remember, knowing how to get rid of bed bugs involves more than just killing them—it also requires a thorough prevention strategy, and that’s something we excel at.


Having bed bugs in your home can create unsettling feelings and sleepless nights. However, with Truly Nolen Canada in Niagara, you can rest assured knowing we’re fighting your battle with you. Our well-founded reputation as your local go-to pest control service is a testament to our high-quality service, customer satisfaction, and successful bug eradication histories.

Contact us today to schedule an inspection and learn more about how to get rid of bed bugs. Let us take the stress out of dealing with this nuisance and provide you the peace of mind you deserve.