Niagara Pest Removal: 3 Ways to Keep Spiders Out of Your Bedroom

Niagara Pest Removal: 3 Ways to Keep Spiders Out of Your Bedroom

There is an urban legend that says that the average person unknowingly swallows eight spiders a year while sleeping. According to experts, this is not true. Spiders are intimidated by humans, even when the latter are asleep, and try not to approach them except when necessary. Nevertheless, your bedroom may provide spiders with shelter from the elements or from predators. Fortunately, there are things you can do to make your bedroom less inviting to spiders. If these measures are not effective, the next step is to call spider control in Niagara.

Avoid Eating Food in Your Bed

Whether it is a meal or a snack, you should avoid eating anything while you are in your bed. If you do eat in bed, you should change and launder the sheets afterward. When you eat in bed, you are likely to leave some crumbs behind.

The crumbs are not likely to attract spiders directly. Rather, they will probably attract the insects on which spiders feed. Like other predators, spiders follow their prey. Furthermore, the insects may make unwanted guests in your bedroom as well. If the problem gets bad enough, you may require residential pest control for both spiders and insects.

Keep Outdoor Lights off and Seal Any Cracks Around Doors or Windows

Insects, especially flying insects, are attracted to light. The reason is that the light interferes with insects’ inborn navigational systems. If you leave your outdoor lights on at night, you have probably seen insects such as moths or mosquitoes swarming around the bulbs.

Spiders are not attracted to light; they prefer dark hiding places. However, flying insects that have been attracted to your outdoor lights may make their way inside through cracks or gaps around doors or windows. Spiders follow their prey and are likely to get in the same way, which is why you should check for such cracks and make sure that you seal any you find.

If it is not possible to keep your outdoor lights off, try using yellow light bulbs that don’t attract insects. Another option is to install motion-activate outdoor lights that turn on automatically when needed, e.g., when someone approaches the house, then switch off automatically as well.

Clean the Bedroom Regularly

Keeping the bedroom clean gets rid of any stray crumbs that may be attracting insects and, indirectly, spiders. Nevertheless, there is another reason why you should keep your bedroom tidy. Because spiders are afraid of humans, they look for places to hide. Clutter in your bedroom provides cover for spiders. Keeping your bedroom not only clean but neat and organized deprives spiders of hiding places. As a result, they are less likely to hang around in there and will probably look for hiding places somewhere else.

Spiders build webs in unused corners that don’t see a lot of foot traffic. If the web gets destroyed, the spider has to rebuild it, which takes a lot of energy. If you clean your bedroom regularly, sweeping away spider webs in the process, the spiders have to keep rebuilding them. Otherwise, they have no way to catch prey. If you are diligent about sweeping away spider webs on a daily basis, the spiders may eventually decide that it isn’t worthwhile to keep rebuilding and look for somewhere other than your bedroom to spin their webs. This is a process that could take some time; if you get frustrated or lose motivation to keep sweeping away the webs, the spiders may re-establish themselves quickly and stay around for some time, as long as they are able to keep catching food.

Spiders in the wild follow seasonal patterns but inside, where the temperature remains more or less consistent, those patterns become disrupted. Truly Nolen in Niagara offers a Four Seasons approach to residential pest control. Learn more about our spider removal services