Niagara Pest Removal: Preventing Bed Bugs With Second-Hand Furniture

Niagara Pest Removal: Preventing Bed Bugs With Second-Hand Furniture

Bed bugs are invasive and pervasive. Once the insects enter a home, they are challenging to remove. While heat and cold will kill the bugs, the temperatures must be consistent and long-lasting. The only feasible way to eliminate an infestation is by hiring bed bug removal services.

Truly Nolen Canada has the equipment, treatment, and knowledge to eliminate bed bug threats. Still, it is best for homeowners to avoid these insects to begin with.

While many property owners love to thrift shop and find deals on second-hand furniture, bed bugs are a significant risk of the deal. Shoppers must remain diligent when shopping and trust their instincts.

Bed Bug Prevention With Second-Hand Furniture

While pest control in Niagara can treat a house to prevent and eliminate bed bug threats, they can not prevent homeowners from bringing the insects in. When shopping garage sales or thrift stores, property owners must take precautions, especially when shopping for furniture. Shoppers should keep three tips in mind as they look for furniture deals.

1. Inspect Items Before Buying and Bringing Home

Before you purchase and bring a second-hand piece of furniture into your home, inspect the items. Adult bed bugs are small, roughly 4mm to 7mm. They hide in the tiny grooves and hems of upholstered furniture.

When inspecting the furniture, remove the cushions, if possible. Examine each cushion, including the zipper. Unzip the cover to examine the internal cushion and note any spots or marks if you can. Rust-coloured or black dots can be signs of bed bug waste or blood.

Shoppers should also examine the underside of the piece. Again, look close to seams and along hems. If you are unsure of the piece or find possible evidence of bed bugs, leave the piece behind, regardless of the deal.

2. Don’t Believe the Seller

As a shopper, you must assume that sellers are only interested in a profit. While many fair and reputable sellers exist, you should never take what they say at face value.

Even if a seller tells you the furniture is free of bed bugs, you should still examine the piece. If a seller hesitates to let you search or inspect the piece, do not buy it. Bed bug removal is challenging, and a good deal of furniture is not worth the risk.

You can only trust your own eyes and judgment. Even then, second-hand pieces are always a risk.

3. Use Common Sense

Checking for bed bugs is difficult, even on clean items. The dirtier the pieces, the more hassle it is to inspect. While searching for furniture deals at thrift shops and garage sales is okay, you should never pick up furniture in the trash.

Many popular YouTubers brag about curbside finds, but picking furniture up from the trash is risky. If you insist on picking up curb items, use common sense and only pick up hard surface items.

Dressers and tables are easier to inspect and less likely to have hiding places for bed bugs. It would be best to avoid upholstered pieces because fabrics have more hiding places for tiny bed bugs and, as porous materials, can have mould or other issues.

Bed Bug Control in Niagara

Furniture is expensive, so it makes sense that people want to find deals and happily purchase second-hand pieces. While second-hand pieces present deals and opportunities, they also present risks of bed bug infestations. If you accidentally brought an infested piece home, contact Truly Nolen Canada for bed bug removal. Pest control specialists will come to your home and assess the problems, offering estimates and solutions for service.