Niagara Pest Removal: Why Do Rodents Invade Homes During Winter Weather?

Why Do Rodents Invade Homes During Winter Weather

Rodents may not seem like inherently dangerous creatures, but because they can spread dangerous diseases through their droppings, it is best to keep mice and rats out of your home. Unfortunately, they often manage to infiltrate houses and start multiplying at a rapid rate, so if you don’t take quick action for rodent removal in Niagara the issue can quickly spiral out of control.

Although people find rats and mice inside their homes throughout the year, winter is the most common time to find rodents inside houses. Understanding why mice invade homes during the winter months is critical for deterring them. Here are three common reasons you find mice and rats inside of your home during the chilly winter.

Food and Water

Rodents are omnivores and need a wide and varied diet. In the wild, they tend to gravitate towards plant foods like seeds and grains, but they will also feast on small insects when available. Like many other creatures, mice and rats prefer to find a place where food and water are abundant. Most homes make a perfect environment for rodents to thrive.

When they live inside your house, rats and mice invade your kitchen in search of food. They can survive off of crumbs that are left on your kitchen floor. They will also raid your pantry and claw through open boxes of food to get to the sustenance inside.

Homes also offer easy sources of water. Rodents can drink from dripping faucets in your bathroom or lick the condensation off the pipes in your house. Once mice and rats find an easy source of food and water, they are not likely to leave the environment willingly, so you need professional help to get rid of a full-blown infestation.


Rodents often enter homes and outbuildings when they are seeking shelter from the elements. Heavy rainfall, crisp winds and plummeting temperatures are all elements that may drive mice and rats indoors to shelter. Inside your home, they do not have to fight the elements to live a warm and comfortable life. They can find everything they need to thrive indoors.


Just like other creatures, rodents get cold outside when the temperature dips. One common reason they invade homes is because they are searching for a warm place to nest. Many houses also offer a variety of nesting materials. Mice and rats use everything from insulation and carpet fibres to string and shreds of paper to create warm nests, so houses not only offer warmth but also an abundance of nesting materials. It’s no surprise that rodents thrive in homes during the winter.

How Truly Nolen Can Help Protect Your Home From Rodents

While you may be able to get rid of one or two rodents on your own, eliminating an entire infestation is a trickier process. Truly Nolen helps by using the right tools and knowledge to trap and remove pests while helping you implement habits that make your home a less appealing environment for mice and rats.

Our expert technicians can also examine the exterior of your house to identify potential points of entry for rodents. If you patch up these cracks and crevices, you can prevent mice and rats from returning in the future.

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Rodents often invade houses during the winter months in search of food, shelter and warmth. When you need pest control services to show you how to get rid of mice, Truly Nolen Canada is ready to help. We provide quick and efficient rodent removal services, so contact us today to schedule an appointment and get the pests out of your home.