Niagara Pest Removal: Why Wasps Bite and How You Can Avoid Encounters

Niagara Pest Removal: Why Wasps Bite and How You Can Avoid Encounters

When summer arrives in Ontario, a variety of insect pests become active, including several species of wasps. The species that live in Ontario are mostly social and build community hives, and when they choose your property as a nesting site, it could put you and your family in danger. We at Truly Nolen Canada can provide you with wasp control in Niagara, as well as some tips about how to handle the presence of wasps and their stings.

1. Why Do Wasps Sting? 

Some common species of wasps you may see around your home include paper wasps, mud daubers and hornets. Hornets usually build large, spherical nests in trees, while wasp species prefer to build smaller, oblong under eaves, porches awnings and outbuildings, such as sheds.

Wasps present a danger to you and your family, including family pets, because they will defend their hive by repeatedly chasing and stinging intruders. As a colony grows, so does its ability to keep people away. If wasps build a nest near the entrance of your home, this can increase the chances of a wasp attack.

2. Will Wasps Land on You? 

Wasps search for food to feed the growing larvae back at the hive, including nectar and pollen. During their foraging, they may mistake you for a flower or fruit tree, especially if your clothing features bright patterns or colours. While this type of encounter may frighten you, you can avoid a painful sting in several ways, including:

  • Not swatting or swinging at the wasp 
  • Staying still 
  • Avoid acting panicked 

When threatened, one wasp can send out pheromones to summon others in their hive, which could result in a swarm. If a wasp lands on you, it may realize you have no food to offer and fly off. You can avoid contact with wasps by wearing white or beige colours and using floral or fruit-based perfumes while outdoors. If you start seeing more than a few wasps in one area, you may need assistance with wasp removal in Niagara.

3. Can You Remove a Wasp Nest on Your Property? 

If you find a wasp nest on your property, you may wonder, “Do I need wasp control near me, or can I destroy a hive on my own?” While this might seem like a way to save time, it could put you and anyone in the area at risk for wasp stings. Most wasps will attack as a unit when they feel their community threatened, and hardware store sprays or chemicals may not destroy the entire colony.

You may feel unsure about who to call for wasp removal when you realize you need assistance, but our pest removal technicians at Truly Nolen can help. Our employees have the tools and the know-how to handle a wasp’s nest properly without risking the safety of your family.

How We Handle Wasp Removal in Niagara 

When our technicians arrive at your home to remove a wasp nest, they will likely first locate the nest or observe it if you already discovered a hive. Next, an identification of the species will help our technicians remove the nest in a way that prevents the insects from returning. Finally, once they remove the nest and all the individuals within, our techs can inspect your property to ensure the insects are not building any other nests around your home. We can also treat the perimeter of your yard and offer you landscaping tips that may prevent wasps from returning to build new hives.

Contact Us Today for Wasp Removal 

Finding a wasp’s nest on your property is never a pleasant experience, as these aggressive and dangerous insects may attack with little warning. Contact us today and schedule an inspection with us here at Truly Nolen so you can reclaim your home from these unwanted pests.