3 Reasons You Need Winter Pest Control in Niagara

3 Reasons You Need Winter Pest Control

Pests are more desperate for a warm place to stay during the coldest months. Having professionals scan and treat your property for pests will help manage infestations before they start. Learn the three primary reasons why pest control is still necessary for the winter and who to call for residential pest control in Niagara

Winter Pests

Just because it’s wintertime doesn’t mean that every animal has gone into hibernation. Many rats and mice are active all winter long in addition to many other animals and insects. Keeping your routine home pest control maintenance scheduled and in order is just as important in the winter as during the other months of the year, if not more.


Rats and mice, oh my! These tiny creatures keep moving all winter long. Can you blame them? If they have found a way into your home, they have it made. You have a warm, dry shelter that has plenty of snacks and minimal dangers. Mice and rats can be, well, quiet as a mouse. Their lowkey presence can be very problematic for homeowners. It might be an extended time between the moment the infestation begins and the actual first sighting of an unwanted visitor. In the meantime, plenty of damage can be done. 

Maintaining routine pest control is integral. Rats and mice are known to chew on wires and insulation. Electrical shorts can be dangerous and cause fire hazards to your home. Rodents that fall into insulation and become trapped create horrible smells within your walls that are impossible to find and destructive to remove. 

If you suspect rodents in your home, look for the following signs of rat or mouse activity, and then call the professionals at Truly Nolen in Niagara for pest control. 

  • Feces the size of a grain of rice; rat feces are a little larger 
  • Noises in the walls, including scratching and squeaking 
  • Small chew holes in bags or containers of food 
  • Tail dragging or tiny pawprints in any dust in the home

Active Insects 

Rats and mice aren’t the only pests trying to burrow their way into your home. Carpenter ants are active all winter long too. If you thought rodents could do damage, the carpenter ant could give them a run for their money. While the carpenter ant isn’t usually trying to eat your dog food or steal your cheese, it quietly deteriorates all the wood in your home. 

Carpenter ants don’t eat wood, like termites; they dig it out to make intricate nests. Look for small piles of sawdust if you are concerned you have a carpenter ant problem, and then call for pest control immediately. 

Both carpenter ants and termites will attempt to demolish your home from the inside out. Since they are both so small and almost impossible to detect, the only way to ensure you do not have an infestation that damages your home’s structural integrity is to maintain regularly scheduled pest control throughout the winter. 

Dormant Insects 

The dormant insects are potentially the most tricky winter insects. They are likely tucked in tight and cozy, sleeping the winter away, waiting for spring. The sneaky stowaways probably made their way in during the end of the fall before it got too cold, and they found a dark corner and made a winter bed. Just because dormant insects arent crawling around doesn’t mean they aren’t a problem. Once spring rolls around, they’ll be back out in full force and inside your house. Dormant insects that might be in your home until spring include: 

  • Ladybugs 
  • Boxelder bugs 
  • Spiders 
  • Cluster flies 

Rather than wait until spring to find out what’s been hiding in your house all winter long, contact Truly Nolen in Niagara to get back on a regular pest control routine.