Tips to Deter Flies From Your Commercial Restaurant in Niagara

Tips to Deter Flies From Your Commercial Restaurant in Niagara

The time, money and effort you put into your Niagara restaurant probably makes it one of the greatest investments in your life, and you likely do all you can to protect it and your livelihood. When flies start to invade, however, this can cause customers discomfort and disgust as these disease-spreading insects buzz around their food. Here at Truly Nolen, we offer professional commercial pest control in Niagara and before we arrive, you can keep flies at bay with a few tips from our exterminators.

Identifying Niagara Fly Species

Some common fly species in Niagara are quite adaptable and have similar feeding habits. Some fly species you may find in your restaurant include:

  • House flies
  • Cluster flies
  • Black flies
  • Drain flies

You can tell black and house flies apart by the patterns on their bodies, as the former appears silvery whereas house flies have a darker appearance. Cluster flies also tend to move more slowly and gather near windows and on windowsills, while house flies actively search for food.

While flies are not as aggressive or dangerous as wasps or hornets, most fly species carry a variety of diseases, including tuberculosis and anthrax, and deposit germs wherever they land. This makes proper sanitation habits key for preventing flies at your restaurant.

Manage Garbage Correctly

Few flies love nothing more than mismanaged restaurant trash, as it provides them with a meal and a place to deposit their eggs. Food garbage smells can attract a wide variety of fly species that may spawn both inside and outside, which increases your fly problem.
You can control fly populations by using trash cans with lids that swing or drop shut, shutting flies out. Outside, use sturdy dumpsters for your restaurant and do not allow them to overflow onto the ground. Keep lids shut and do not throw away spoiled food without bagging it first.

Sweep and Mop Daily

You can add an additional layer of cleanliness to your flies pest control services from Truly Nolen by sweeping and mopping the kitchen, dining room and any outdoor seating areas once a day. Flies only congregate where they can find food, and mopping up sticky spills, crumbs and other refuse can deter flies and increase outdoor customer traffic.

Clean As You Go

Food preparation areas can attract flies when open canisters or prep bins are not covered and stored. Encouraging your employees to clean as they go, including covering and storing prep foods, can improve the cleanliness of your kitchen and keep it free of flies.

The Benefits of Professional Pest Control

As a Niagara restaurant owner, you may wonder, “Is there commercial pest control near me that can protect my business and customers any better than I can with sprays and flypaper?” Our Truly Nolen exterminators can treat your restaurant with services and products that eliminate flies and their eggs monthly, including both larval and adult flies.

Store-bought insect sprays and flypaper are unpleasant to smell and see, and visiting customers may not return if you include rolls of sticky fly tape as part of your decor and for flies and fleas control. Truly Nolen’s exterminators eliminate these pests from your property in a way that also safeguards your investment and helps build a solid customer base of repeat patrons.

Contact Us for Commercial Pest Control Today

When different species of flies invade your Niagara restaurant, their presence can drive away customers and cause the spread of disease. They can also affect the overall sanitation of your business, especially once they start to breed in lidless trash cans or in dirty dumpsters. If you need assistance with ridding your restaurant of these pests, schedule an inspection today and let us protect your commercial property.