Oakville Pest Control: How to Keep Spiders Out of Your Garage!

Oakville Pest Control: How to Keep Spiders Out of Your Garage!

With Halloween just around the corner, people may be hanging spider decorations. But that certainly doesn’t mean you want them in your home. Spiders tend to gravitate towards dark, damp spaces where they build their webs and not be bothered. Garages are excellent places for spiders to call their home. 

Pest control in Oakville may be needed if you notice an unusual amount of arachnids lurking in the corners of your garage. It is normal to come across a few long-legged friends as the garage has easy to access from the outside. But if spiders seem to be taking over your space, it may be time for spider removal. 

There are several steps you can take as a homeowner to help prevent a spider infestation in the garage. Our technicians offer a few tips as advice to help keep spiders away and keep them away from nesting. 

Say Goodbye to Cardboard Boxes

It is common for people to store items inside cardboard boxes in a garage. This keeps things neat and tidy, but it, unfortunately, also attracts pests such as silverfish, earwigs, spiders, and roaches. These pests LOVE cardboard boxes. They hide inside them, nest in them, and even eat them. To a hungry spider, a cardboard box is a beautiful buffet. 

Eliminate this food source by switching your storage solutions to airtight storage containers. Clearing away other clutter will also help to ensure they don’t have anything else to feed on or hide in. 

Keep Lights off at Night

By shutting off any lights at night, you will not only lower your electric bill but will also help to deter spiders from the area. Spiders like the darkness better, but the insects they capture for food will be drawn to the light. By shutting off the lights, you will be helping to cut off their food source

Natural light coming in through windows can help usher these insects out of the garage, so spiders have no tasty snacks to keep them satisfied. By eliminating cardboard and insects that are drawn to light, you are cutting off the food supply, and spiders will not stay long in a place where there is no access to food. Also, if there are spider webs inside your garage, sweep them away with a broom so they are unable to catch any insects for food. 

Fix Leaks

As with food, spiders also like to be close to places that have a water supply. Water dripping in from a hole in the roof, or a leaky faucet will encourage spiders to stay in your garage. By cutting off the water supply, spiders will eventually realize there is nothing for them, and they will simply move on, and find a new home. 

By following these simple steps in your garage, you may be able to avoid needing spider removal. However, with Truly Nolen’s Four Season approach, you can rest assured that spiders will never be a problem again, either in your garage or in your home. 

Contact our technicians today and schedule an appointment with pest control in Oakville to keep your home free of all pests.