Thornhill Pest Control: Why Are Spiders Attracted To Your Shower?

Why Are Spiders Attracted To Your Shower

If you’re seeing a lot of spiders around your home, you may want to call pest control in Thornhill. However, the spiders themselves aren’t necessarily the biggest problem. The real pests may be the insects they are feeding on.

Spiders are shy, reclusive creatures that prefer dark corners. Most of the spiders in your home were probably born there rather than having come in from outside. If you see one or more spiders in your home, one of the most likely places is in the bathroom.

Why Do Spiders Like the Bathroom?

Like all other creatures, spiders need water to live. Assuming that your home doesn’t have a moisture issue or plumbing leaks, there may not be a lot of water available in the dark corners where spiders like to make their homes. That means they occasionally have to travel to where the water is. For reasons that are probably obvious, the bathroom is one of the places in the house where spiders are most likely to find the water they need to live. This is especially true during fall and winter when the air itself tends to be drier.

How Do Spiders Get Into Sinks and Tubs?

Spiders might crawl down into a sink or tub to get to the water. They have highly advanced climbing abilities and are usually able to scale nearly vertical surfaces. As they climb down into the tub or sink, gravity helps to pull them along. However, spiders may not always want or intend to crawl down into a sink or tub. They may accidentally fall down there.

The interesting question isn’t necessarily how they get into your showers, sinks, and tubs but why you find them there. Once a spider falls into a sink or tub, it can sometimes become trapped, unable to get out on its own. The sides of a tub or sink are very smooth and slippery. Even a spider, with its prodigious climbing ability, may have a hard time getting a sufficient foothold to climb back out. Further complicating matters is that at this point, gravity is working against the spider, pulling it back down as it tries to climb up.

Left to its own devices, the spider would probably just try to make the best of the situation and spin a web to try to catch prey. If there were sufficient insects to feed it, it could probably live quite happily in your sink or tub for some time. However, because you use your bathroom on a daily basis, sooner or later you will find the spider in your tub. While you may be startled by its presence, it may be equally disturbed by yours.

What Do You Do About Spiders in the Bathroom?

One spider in the tub may not be a reason to call for immediate spider removal. Spiders make themselves useful by feeding on other, more annoying pests. Some people even consider it bad luck to kill a spider. If you prefer, you can use a clear glass as a makeshift terrarium to temporarily trap the spider and relocate it outside. If there is a window near the tub or sink, you can open it and nudge the spider out.

Call Truly Nolen for Pest Control in Thornhill

On the other hand, if you keep finding spiders in your home on a regular basis, these measures aren’t going to be sustainable for long. Call Truly Nolen for spider removal as well as to deal with whatever other pests the spiders may be feeding on. You may not have seen any other pests because the spiders have been effective at keeping them under control. Fortunately, we can perform an assessment of your property to discover additional problems and offer effective solutions.