3 Types of Ants to Watch Out for in Toronto

3 Types of Ants to Watch Out for in Toronto

Ants are among the most common residential pests. They are invasive and can be quite destructive, depending on the species. For example, carpenter ants chew through wood to build colonies. While they typically focus on damp wood because it is easier to chew, the ants can chew into structural beams and other essential framing boards, weakening a house. Calling carpenter ant pest control in Toronto is the best way to deal with the most destructive ant species, but how do you deal with others, like thief ants or the argentine ant?

Different Ant Species To Watch for This Spring and Summer

There are over 12,000 ant species in the world, and over 100 of those species call Canada their home. With the variety of ants in the country, it is no surprise that you find them all over outside in the spring and summer months.

Ants belong outside, not in your house. When you find ants in your home, it is a sign of a possible infestation. Insect infestations are notoriously difficult to manage and eliminate, so it is best to deal with any ants around your property quickly.

Knowing which ants to worry about and how to identify them is vital to reducing your infestation risks. In Toronto, three ant species are more of a problem than others.

1. Thief Ants

Thief ants are unique because of their small size and habit of nesting in close proximity to other colonies. The insects may also nest with other colonies.

The ants are usually a pale yellow or light or deep brown. They measure no more than 2.2 mm and present a real risk of food contamination. The insect’s small size means it can easily infiltrate food packaging.

To eliminate thief ant infestations, a residential pest control service will set bait and spray the house’s exterior. Typical treatment areas include walls, doorways, and window sills.

2. Argentine Ants

Argentine ants have become a nuisance in Toronto, but they tend to nest outdoors, meaning homeowners have fewer concerns about permanent infestations. Still, the ants will venture indoors to search for food.

The ants have light or dark-brown bodies and measure at most about 2.8 mm. The truly remarkable thing about this species is the massive size of its colonies. A single colony can have over one hundred queens with millions of workers. Argentine ant colonies have been known to span city blocks.

Sprays are not the most effective solution for this ant species. The most dependable solution is ant bait.

3. Black Carpenter Ants

Black carpenter ants are the largest ant species, coming in at a whopping 1.2 cm. The ants live in colonies with a single queen and workers. The insects are black, with tiny yellowish hairs protruding from their abdomens.

The ants are most active at night and can cause significant property damage. It is essential that homeowners keep any outdoor wood structures dry to deter the ants; locating and eliminating a nest quickly to limit significant property loss is also crucial.

A professional will use residual insecticides and specific baits to treat an ant infestation. Eliminating a colony in the early stages is necessary to prevent the development of satellite colonies throughout a house.

Truly Nolen Canada Pest Control Services

If you suspect you have an ant infestation, contact Truly Nolen Canada and schedule an estimate and property assessment. A team of qualified residential pest control professionals in Toronto will inspect your property’s interior and exterior to determine the colony’s species and size. They will also present homeowners with a proposal for treatment and elimination. The time it takes to eliminate a colony depends on its size and the severity of the infestation.