4 Things Attracting Spiders to Your Toronto Home

4 Things Attracting Spiders to Your Toronto Home

Spiders are necessary and supportive of the local ecosystem, but they are not welcome guests inside homes. Despite the lack of an invitation, the arachnids make themselves welcome in residential spaces. When numbers become a problem, you can call spider removal and control services for treatments. Spiders are nature’s pest control, and since most arachnids in Canada are harmless, it’s better to keep a few around your property. Still, you don’t need or likely want them inside your house. To limit the likelihood of spiders inside your home, discover the main attractants drawing them close.

4 Common Spider Attractants

If spiders find food sources in your home, they will keep coming in. Sealing spiders outside is difficult, especially since they can hitch a ride on your clothing or bags or come in through open windows and doors. If you have a spider infestation, the most effective way to correct it is with pest control services in Toronto.

Also, to minimize the threat of an infestation, you can eliminate or reduce the use of things that attract spiders to your property. Four main things attract arachnids to your house.

1. Bright Lights

Spiders generally like to live in dark and damp areas, but that is not the best environment to catch their food. Bright lights, especially in the evening, attract several insects to your property. Spiders establish webs near these lights to catch as many bugs as possible.

Invest in exterior motion sensor lights to limit the number of bugs and spiders attracted to light sources. If lights are not left on, they will attract fewer bugs and, as a result, fewer spiders.

2. Dark and Damp Spaces

Spiders like dark and damp spaces. They need water to survive. The darkness provides a more secure environment with less threat of predators.

You can limit the risks of spider infestations by eliminating as many dark and damp spaces as possible. Also, try eliminating clutter in areas like your attic, basement, and garage. Spider control services like Truly Nolen often find infestations occur in cluttered spaces.

3. Bad Weather

Like most living things, spiders want a safe place to live and thrive. Your house represents a secure shelter, especially during bad weather. Porches provide cover from rain; the structure offers protection against strong winds.

As frightening as most people find spiders, they are fragile creatures and highly vulnerable to bad weather. The exterior and interior of your home offer plenty of nooks and crannies to find adequate shelter.

4. Other Pests

The primary reason spiders invade your space is food. Food is the ultimate motivator of any species. If your property draws the attention of other pests, especially prey of spiders, you can rest assured it will also develop an arachnid problem.

Learning how to get rid of spiders is about knowing what motivates the species. While weather and hiding places are fair motivators, insects are the driving force behind where a spider builds a web. To control a spider problem, you must first correct the insect problem.

Truly Nolen Canada: Professional Spider Control in Toronto

Do you have a spider problem? Is there an obvious cause behind the infestation, like large insect populations? If you have a problem, contact Truly Nolen Canada to schedule and discuss its spider removal services. Most likely, the company’s techs will uncover an existing insect problem beyond the arachnid infestation and offer a solution for both issues. Talk to the techs about Truly Nolen’s four-season prevention plan to prevent any future occurrences.