4 Ways To Deter Carpenter Ants From Your Toronto Property

4 Ways To Deter Carpenter Ants From Your Toronto Property

The best way to deter carpenter ants from your property is by contracting carpenter ant pest control in Toronto. A professional service will identify how and where the ants are entering your home and determine the best method for removal and elimination.

4 Tips To Prevent Carpenter Ant Infestations

Carpenter ants are among the largest and most destructive ant species. While many homeowners believe these ants eat wood, they do not. The insects tunnel through wood, removing excess and pushing it out of the way.

Because carpenter ants are large and tend to live in colonies made up of several satellite colonies, they can be dangerous. The insects burrow into exposed wood, which can include structural beams. With enough tunnels, beams become compromised.

Homeowners can use various techniques to limit their risk of carpenter ant infestations. With the correct methods and dedication, it is possible to protect your home.

1. Repair Rotting Wood

Carpenter ants are attracted to rotting wood because it is easier to burrow into and create nests. Homeowners can reduce the risks of an infestation by performing routine checks of wooden elements around their houses.

Inspections should include any weather-damaged structures or wood piles around the property. If you have firewood stacked in the corner of the yard or bundles of yard debris, check for signs of rot. Any rotten wood should be removed and discarded.

2. Trim Trees and Other Vegetation Away From the House

Residential pest control also requires homeowners to maintain well-manicured yards, including trees and bushes. Carpenter ants often live within trees, bushes, and other plants. All plants must remain clear of the house’s structure. Carpenter ants will use plants as bridges into a home. You can reduce your risks by performing routine maintenance and pruning trees and shrubs.

3. Clean Your Gutters

Carpenter ants may not nest in your home’s gutters, but clogged or damaged gutters can still cause infestations. Cracked or clogged gutters leak and do not drain like they’re supposed to. The water flows from the gutters down the side of the house and soaks into the soil nearest the foundation.

A rotting foundation is an enticing home for carpenter ants, and it won’t take long for the insects to take advantage. Do yourself a favour and assess and clean your gutters after the winter thaw.

4. Avoid Putting Wood Directly on the Ground

Whether storing firewood or building a new deck, avoid setting wood directly on the soil. Not only is wood susceptible to moisture damage, but when placed on the ground, it creates an easier path for ants.

If any wood structure or component is touching the soil, it is an invitation to carpenter ants. The insects will start with the external structure and make their way inside to more dangerous nesting sites.

A professional pest control service can help you assess your property. They will help you incorporate preventative strategies into daily routines and help you correct any current issues you might face.

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