Common Places Spiders Hide Around Your Toronto Home and How to Find Them

Common Places Spiders Hide Around Your Toronto Home and How to Find Them

While some people don’t mind the presence of spiders, millions of people across the globe have arachnophobia and prefer not to share their homes with arachnids. Unfortunately, many spiders take up residence inside homes where they have access to plenty of smaller insects to feast on. Truly Nolen Canada is ready to help you with their effective spider control services in Toronto to get rid of pests and keep them away.

If you’re concerned that you’re living with spiders in your home, here are five common places to look for arachnids around your home and what you can do to get rid of them. 

How to Control the Spider Population in Your Home

  • Cardboard Boxes- Everyone has random cardboard boxes of items in storage. While your belongings may be protected from larger pests when they are tucked away in cardboard boxes, spiders can easily crawl through tiny holes in the boxes and take up residence. Boxes full of unused items give arachnids plenty of places to spin webs. Open boxes frequently to minimize the risk of spiders taking up residence.
  • Furniture- Spiders prefer to live in dark, quiet places. The spaces under furniture create a perfect spot for spiders to spin webs. They can still catch smaller insects for food and are out of the way of humans, so these areas are perfect for both web-weaving and wandering spiders to live peacefully.
  • Doors- Because many smaller insects access your home through tiny cracks in your doorframe, spiders often spin webs on the tops of doors. This position allows them to prey on insects as they enter the home, and if the door isn’t used frequently, there is little chance of humans destroying the web. Making it a habit to open and close every door in your home regularly deters spiders from spinning webs, and you can also apply citrus essential oils to doorframes as a natural arachnid repellant.
  • Ceiling Corners- You’ve probably seen many cobwebs in the corners of your ceiling. Because spiders prefer to stay away from humans, ceilings make great spots for spinning webs. Corners give them plenty of wall space to attach webs, and the high location is perfect for catching flying insects to feast on.
  • Well-Lit Spaces- While it is true that spiders tend to seek out dark hiding spots to live in, their prey often prefers well-lit environments. Flying insects such as flies, gnats and moths are drawn to bright lights, so you’ll often find them buzzing around light fixtures. Because of the abundance of food in these areas, arachnids sometimes build webs near light fixtures. Dusting fixtures as part of your regular cleaning routine is a good way to reduce the risk of spiders moving in, and you can also replace bulbs with options that aren’t as bright and limit the amount of time you keep the lights on.

How To Get Rid of Spiders

Making your home a less hospitable environment is a good way to deter spiders from taking up residence. Keeping your house free of clutter minimizes good places for arachnids to spin webs, and keeping your kitchen tidy reduces crumbs that attract other insects for spiders to prey upon.

However, the best way to control the number of spiders in your home is to partner with a reputable pest control company such as Truly Nolen. Our technicians understand how to control spiders and can spray your home with special chemicals to repel them. We can also help you figure out how the arachnids accessed your home so we can block potential points of entry.

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