Expert Tips To Keep Wasps Away From Your Restaurant Patio In Toronto

Expert Tips To Keep Wasps Away From Your Restaurant Patio In Toronto

Summer is a prime season for dining and doing other activities outdoors. Many people enjoy eating or having a drink outside while enjoying the weather. However, bugs can get in the way of these activities; wasps, in particular, can cause allergic reactions in some people. Here are five ways to help ensure that wasps stay away from your restaurant patio. If those remedies fail, you can always get in touch with commercial pest control in Toronto.

1. Setting Up Wasp Traps

One of the first things that people think to do when it comes to pest control is to set up a trap. If you own a restaurant or other establishment that guests frequent, you are aware that the food that accumulates on tables can attract pests that come into the area. To counter this problem, set up traps surrounding the garbage receptacles, where pests are most likely to inhabit. Two common ingredients used in traps include vinegar and sugar. However, it is important to keep in mind that those receptacles and traps should be kept away from customers who wish not to see pests while eating.

2. Mending Cracks and Holes

Another way to ensure that wasps stay away from your patio is to prevent them from coming in to begin with. Many pests look for opportunities to invade via cracks and holes in the foundation, walls and ceiling. If you have an enclosed patio, take some time each week or month to mend any gaps in its structure. This will not only help to keep pests out, but it will help with temperature regulation as well. If you have an ongoing pest problem and contact wasp removal services, the professional who comes out will generally look for and seal any cracks and holes in your building to avoid future pest issues.

3. Using Outdoor Fans

Wasps and insects generally stay away from powerful fans that make it difficult for them to fly around. Using outdoor fans on your patio is an inexpensive, pesticide-free way to help keep wasps away from customers who are trying to enjoy a meal on your restaurant patio. However, remember that this is not a solution that you can use constantly, since fans may sometimes make some customers uncomfortable.

4. Keeping Trash Cans Closed

The main reason why wasps and other pests invade places like restaurant patios is because there is easy access to food. When you consider what businesses need pest control the most, dining establishments are some of the first that comes to mind. Wasps particularly like to eat fruit and other sweeter foods, although they will scour for just about anything. For this reason, keeping any garbage bins on your patio closed while diners are present is important. Consider purchasing bins that close automatically so that you do not have to keep as close of an eye on them or rely on customers to keep them shut.

5. Cleaning Properly

One of the main reasons to keep your restaurant clean is to instill confidence in your customers that their food is being handled in a safe and sanitary manner. However, a bonus of proper cleaning is that it helps dissuade wasps from coming around and causing customers’ dining experiences to be unpleasant. Some things that you can do to keep things clean include wiping tables thoroughly once diners leave and removing garbage regularly.

If you have an issue with wasps on your restaurant patio, it is important to hire professionals to remove them. Truly Nolen Canada goes beyond extermination, employing preventive measures to lessen the chances of wasps returning to your restaurant patio. By employing their commercial pest control services in Toronto, you can have peace of mind knowing that your outdoor dining area will be free from the menace of wasps, allowing your customers to enjoy a pleasant and worry-free experience.