Signs Mice Are Getting In Your Toronto Home Through the Basement

Signs Mice Are Getting In Your Toronto Home Through the Basement

Mice like to take up residence in basements, which calls for mice removal in Toronto. A basement provides the perfect shelter for a mouse. A female mouse can usually find just what she needs to create a nest in a basement, and they often go unnoticed by humans for extended periods.

While it might confuse you to think about how the mice are getting in, you might be inviting the mice into your basement without realizing it. Perhaps you keep the yard cleaned up and don’t have piles of logs near the foundation – and that’s a good start – but you need to look beyond that to find the unsuspecting ways mice might be sneaking into your home.

How To Spot a Mouse Entrance

What signs should you look for that indicate mice are getting into your home? There are the typical mouse droppings and urine stains. You can also look for gnaw marks or scratches on the walls and furniture. But what signs will show you how they’re getting in?

  • Foundation Cracks – Does your foundation have any cracks in it? You might think they’re too small for a mouse, but those little rodents only need about 10mm of space (about the width of a pencil). Sometimes you don’t even see cracks that small, so it could take a pest prevention professional to find those little pathways.
  • Dryer Vents – Your dryer vent is created to keep something out of the home, but mice use it as a way to get in. They can crawl through the vent itself, but that’s not always how they do it. If the vent isn’t caulked to perfection, they can gnaw the hole bigger until they fit right through on the side of the vent. Sometimes when they do crawl through the actual vent, they chew through it and make their escape to the basement before ending up in the dryer.
  • Tree Bridges – Look up at the trees surrounding your home. Do any of them provide a bridge a mouse can travel over to land on the roof of your home? Maybe you have shrubbery that offers the same solution for a mouse looking for a way to get into the house. If you keep your yard pretty tidy, those pests are going to get clever, and a tree or shrub bridge is great access that will eventually result in the need to contact Truly Nolen for removal.

How To Engage in Pest Prevention

You can’t always keep the mice out if they are extremely determined, and that’s when you’ll call the professionals for mice removal services. To try and avoid that, there are some things you can do to prevent an infestation:

  • Seal the Cracks – If you or a professional find any cracks in your foundation, seal them up. This can sometimes be done yourself, and will sometimes require someone with the right qualifications to get it done correctly.
  • Inspect the Vent – About once every season, take a few minutes to inspect your dryer vent. Look for damage or even regular wear and tear. If anything needs to be fixed, get it taken care of right away.
  • Prune Your Trees and Shrubs – Keeping your home tidy is one of the most effective ways to prevent a mouse infestation. Aside from keeping things picked up, you should have the trees and shrubs pruned once or twice per year. Make sure no branches touch your home.

Contact Us for Mice Removal in Toronto

Homeowners should never approach mice on their own. Cleaning up a nest can pose some serious health and safety risks. If your home has an infestation, you must call the professionals for mice control services. Contact Truly Nolen Canada today to learn how to get rid of mice in a safe manner.